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New Luts Special: El, Blue Sapphire

Jul 27, 2005

    1. Luts has released a new Special doll, Blue Sapphire El.
    2. great !!!!!!!!!!!
      It's a delf art ?
      you got a pic ? a link, please ???
      Thanks a lot !!!!
    3. seems to be here.
      a wee bit expensive..
    4. He's so... Huu... Handsome ! :o I love Delf Art !
      And with items... But cantt afford it for the moment *_* :cry:
    5. They are more expensive... but I think that's what all the Delf Art Limiteds go for... because pretty much you're paying for:

      2 wigs, that great outfit, those cute shoes, a faceup and a doll that there are only 10 of in the entire world (plus his LE box) XD

      So, really when you add up how much an outfit like that would cost you, along with all that other stuff, it's pretty close to not being an inflated price... but then again, Limiteds always seem to be a little more expensive.
    6. He's gorgeous.... but yes the price is... argggggg :barf
      More and more expensive each time ! So bad for us ! :(
    7. My!! :o :o :o

      He's so handsome!! But a bit too expensive for beeing the same El, the only changes are the make-up and clothes, aren't they?? >__<
    8. Yes I fear so !
    9. Yes, expensive--but what makeup and clothes! They're great. A fabulous treasure for someone. And not much more expensive than Volks LE Heath and this one is even more limited and you get an extra wig.