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"New" maker: DollsTown

May 20, 2005

    1. http://dollstown.com/mydoll.htm

      I found this site while I was looking at the Mystic Eyes doll gallery....
      Bandi, Estella, Yeondu and Susie. They all appear to be SD size. I haven't been able to desciper much else, since the site is all in Korean and there doesn't seem to be any English info... so I'd love to know more... I kinda like Estella; she has an open mouth and removeable teeth, just like Unoa Lusis.
    2. A bit from what I was able to get from online translation:
      Price for head: $USD 120 *appropriate for Sd, Sd13 type or others*
      Complete doll: $USD 550 *60cm tall*
      Payment: Bank Wire

      There might be an ordering period, though wasn't clear.
      I can't seem to find if they sell to overseas customers.

      There's a J on the webpage which is the popup Join Form.
      As for emailing them, I haven't located it yet. Maybe you only could post on their board.

      It looks like they're working on smaller size dolls as well:

      Agreed. The way they're able to pose is very much life like and elegant.
    3. Google Language Tools Korean BETA is so bad... but it seems adoption applicaions start in the beginning of the year - whose year I don't know. Korean New Year is in February.

      From the Dollstown home page...

      With the beginning of the year adoption application it receives. Only sale and the head of the complete body of the head + reed also the other way sale does, iss nine bedspreads. The water content confirmation wishes from the order notice board. Price complete indication of indigestion 48 full house which it gives (the eyeball inclusion hour 52 full house) nine bedspreads. Only the head it is an order hour price 12 full house. To decide a child head and reed hue certainly in order application hour subject, it wishes. Detailed the order where guidance writing under common knowledge keys sup ni in the order notice board c.
      By the AnjonghaK the notice water it was copied (2005-05-03 19:13)
    4. Great thinking, Elf Piper:) Do you have any idea what section you posted in?

      They seem to cost about $480, or $520 with a pair of Mystic Eyes/Eyecandies. Some of the sculpts remind me of Hypermaniac, and I am totally smitten with Bandi and Estella. I really hope they sell overseas, and with the nice bodysculpts I wouldn't mind getting a whole doll....
    5. Is it only their torso joints that make them pose so well? I think that joint is the only difference between them and the dolls from the other companies, ne. And still they seem to pose better.
    6. I clicked on the little red "J" at the top right og the page. You get a popup window, and it asks for and ID, password (twice), name, birthday, and email (all that's in English, so no problem). Those were in bold so I figured that was all the required stuff. Then at the bottom I clicked on the button that didn't say "Close". I'll post if I hear anything!

      They seem to be worth that price, I'd buy one at that price. I adore their hands -- did you notice how expressive they are?
    7. Juu, I think their knees and elbows also bend a bit further than 90 degrees, but it is mainly the torso joint which makes them so poseable and expressive.

      Elf Piper, I signed up too :) I was just looking for your post, is all, but I couldn't find anything in English... I wish I could read and write Korean......

      They remind me of art-dolls more than BJD, they are more realistically proportioned, especially in the face. I think I'm in love...
    8. Just out of curious;
      Can U-Noas take off their teeth?
      I couldnt find this function mentioned on alchemiclabo.com or other places.

    9. Only lusis she has a very small additional mouth piece. Also the optional plate winking and the OOH face optional. Its not very detailed however.

      Not as scary looking as that optional teeth part on these dolls!
    10. I posted some questions on the board, and the AnjonhaK has responded.

      They DO take international orders and will be setting up an English order board within the next few days.

      Estella and Sandi and Yeondu has a slimmer body, and Bandi's is a little "thicker", but I asked and you can request either body for whatever head you want.

      Skintones are normal and beauty white. You also get to choose between a small range of Mystic Eyes/Eye Candies in 18/9 or 18/10(regular 18 mm eyes).

      I guess there should me more info soon. In the meantime I am trying to save up some $$$....
    11. Twigling, I have a question about signing up:
      Do you fill out everything and keep ALL of your personal info open to the public?

      On another note, is it just me or do others get the feeling these dolls, have a more relaxed pose than some of other BJDs we've seen so far? Course there exceptions.
    12. EbinCan3an, I think I filled out everything, but you only need to fill out the bits in bold writing. And I ticked to keep my info private... i think.

      Gayle, I'm guessing you want a girl for you Haund?? They are 60 cm tall, where most other bjd girls are about 55. Can't help you with the boobs though.

      planetariumfish, I agree that the torso joint looks unattractive at first, but I think I could get very used to it, mainly because I would dress her to hide it, but still show skin, but also by just becoming blind to it. As for the blushing rubbing off, I can only suggest that we don't blush right on the joint.

      I am sooo getting Estella home...
    13. Gayle, you CAN buy the head separately, and maybe get her a HappyDoll female body if it's height you want? I do love the detail of the DollsTown bodies though, while I find the HD body rather odd and unattractive. You could put her in platform shoes.. :wink:

      or perhaps wait and see if some other tall and interesting bodies become available in the near future.

      Then again, lots of couples have a height difference between them.. personally I am a head taller than my b/f, which doesn't bother me, but the opposite would not have been too bad either. I have seen someone pair up their Bermann with a Unoa Lusis, and with good photography skills it still looked good, it was only the knowledge in my mind that Lusis was almost half his height that made it an odd match.
    14. Oh wow... Susie is almost exactly the face I wanted for my favourite male character - by far the closest I've found yet! :love:

      Does anyone know if they have any male bodies at all, currently or upcoming? I can't see any, but I'm really, really hoping...

    15. The more I look at these dolls, the more I am liking Bandi in general. I do like closed mouth dolls better.

      Boy, these girls are really capturing me.

      Anybody know when they will have an English order site set up?

      I really want more info, things like eye size, wig size, etc. Shipping cost wouldn't be a bad thing to know either. LOL

      I could get her for Armand (hound) and just concentrate on seated type photos, then the height thing wouldn't seem so extreme.
    16. Cyphermage, so far only girls, but you can buy the head separately and put in on a regular Volks or CP body, I suspect.

      Gayle, the preorder board shouldn't be too long. AnjonghaK was saying he/she did not speak English very well, but Karin has offered help with translations and international orders, so hopefully it will be by the end of the week, or early next week, but this is purely a speculation on my part. I need to get some $$ together first, but this is the first dolls in a long time which have motivated me to do that.

      I'm sure shipping will be pretty much the same as any other BJD from Korea, around the 40-50 dollar mark for EMS.

      It seems the dolls take 18 mm eyes, but look better with 18/9 (smaller pupil), which are offered along with the doll. Wig size is 9 inches/23 cm.

      Edit: Place orders here: http://dollstown.com/zboard/zboard.php?id=englishorder
    17. I can't access the "How to order" thread. Does anyone know what form of payment they accept?

    18. Dechelle, that seems to be a "secret" post, I'm guessing they're not quite ready yet. The post in Korean is about the eyes, but there is a link to the eye selections within each of the doll's threads. I think the only form of payment they take is bank transfer.

      I guess we just need to be patient...
    19. Thanks for the reply. I thought it might just be me who got the error code. They only have a few listed, for each doll, as being available so I was a bit anxious. But since I'm interested in Yeondu and she seems to have fewer admirers, perhaps it won't be an issue. Also, here's hoping to a Paypal option. I never seem to take the extra time to do a bank transfer.

      Thanks again!