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New Megrise "Lichen" doll at DollGa

May 8, 2008

    1. Hello Everyone.
      This is DollGa.
      We hope you are like Lichen.
      She is Basic skin color.
      And We are going to offer two kind of face-up service.

      DollGa website http://www.dollga.com

      Thank you for your support in DollGa.

      Best regards
    2. I was browsing your website-gorgeous dolls!! I want to order, but your order sheet is not working for me. Can you help me out?
    3. Eeek. Glad I'm not the only one having trouble ordering ;__; It seems the "join" link is broken on the order form ... I tried placing an order sheet anyway, but it doesn't look as if it's gone through?
      I'll check in a few hours. I've never ordered anything with this sort of set-up ... it's a little unusual to me! ^^;
    4. To order from DollGa, simply post your order (using their order template) on their message board. The Join link is not functional. DollGa is great to order from, and they will respond to your message board post very quickly. :) Hope this helps!
    5. Hey! ^__^ Thanks for the reply ... unfortunately, this is what I did! But, it comes up with an error when the form is submitted. :( I have emailed the company (though it's still night-time in Korea right now, hehe!) and asked if anything was up or if I was being a total prune ... hopefully they will respond! :)
    6. Dear spookymoon

      Thank you for your message.
      Maybe you click the login button.
      At the moment, we do not have membership system.
      So just click write button on order board.
      And than you write your order with your information.
      If you do not know how to do it, you can also order by webmaster e-mail.
      Thank you.

      Best regards
    7. Still not working for me, so I guess I will email then....
    8. Just thought I'd point out that DollGa dolls are also available from Leekeworld for those that are having problems with the company's own site.
      (Hope that's okay. ^__^ )