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New Migidoll boys

Sep 1, 2008

    1. Here you go
    2. hey Reno thanks for the info on the order periode I have a question though,

      on the migi site I can not watch things as Q&A board and things becouse I get a "please log in" message. but I can find nowhere to register, can you tell me how to register and log in??
    3. Hope this helps n_n
    4. Step-by-step instructions are here

    5. so are both heads available in both MSD and SD size? or is one MSD and one SD?
    6. Neo is MSD only and Yujin is SD only.
    7. Prices? Or will they be the same?
    8. Just got verification from Migi that yes, there will be four colour options this round! :)
    9. I guess I should post this info here. Migi has finally added the boys to her selling thread and Yujin is going for $120 while Neo is $100, the selling thread also has lots of new pictures of the boys.
    10. Could someone upload the new images of Yujin's head to this thread please? I can't open Migidoll's web T__T (Or just confirm if he has elf ears or not, please).

      Thank you very much!
    11. Neo

    12. Could someone please post the link to migidoll's website? ^^;;;
    13. Will Migidoll be releasing Jina again? Does anyone know? Thank you so much.

    14. I think that Jina will be sold again on may. C: *waiting for that too*