Limited Items New Mini Delia A Collaboration of DOLK x Myou Doll

Aug 15, 2017

    1. Hello Everyone
      Check this new information release
      My little lady Delia appear in Limited item only
      Only 60 are available world wide
      This collaboration shows that Myou Doll Produces delicate and beautiful model like "DELIA"
      Delia looks charming having a gently and and beautiful eyes.
      For more info click here "DELIA"

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    2. How long would be the process if ever I order this item?
    3. Which particular Myou Doll 30cm body does she come on? Is it THIS ONE?
    4. There is only one 30cm body. The other is 27cm. So, I'm assuming the body is the one you've linked to.
    5. Hello thank you for your recent question, regarding with this Doll Mini delia this doll has 30cm body size or height but we are not so sure that the body of this doll comes from this Body: myou 30 cm however this doll and this body has one size in common, so there is possibility that the body of Doll MINI DELIA comes from this body.