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New Mini Fée Photos (Update: White Skin Chiwoo)

Nov 1, 2005

    1. Sorry if this has already been posted. I scanned half of the first page and didn't notice anything.

      Luts has posted new photos of the Mini Fée and the white skin Soo, so hopefully white skin Chiwoo and other Mini Fée won't be far behind. The new photos are beautiful and the face-ups are just perfect.

      I was being swayed away from the dark side, but I think I may be returning. I just adore these photos. And hopefully, they'll have the option parts available soon. I've been checking daily :oops: .



      Luts has also added white skin Chiwoo and Chiwoo Special, for those interested. Can you tell yet that I am obsessed with visiting their site?
    2. BAH! Will you just stop making me want one right now!!! :cry:
    3. There was a post I read on the Luts Q & A about option parts...

      Hi~ lovely ladybrick

      How are you doing ?

      Thanks for your advice.

      We will try to make that in the future.

      We don't have plan to sell Mini Fee Option parts at now.

      If you have any question, send mail to me or do write on Q&A board.

      Have a nice & happy day~!

      Thanks a lot~ See ya~~!

      From: your friend......SEAN

      I saw from other post on the Q & A Board that you are planning to make many Mini Fee. Will you make a Yder Mini Fee? Will there be elf versions of the Mini Fee like there are elf versions of Delf and Kid Delf?

      Also, will Mini Fee heads and bodies be sold seperately under Option Parts like Delf and Kid Delf? That would be very good.

      Thank you!

      Doesn't sound like we should expect to see option parts for them up anytime soon. :|
    4. Thanks, I hadn't seen yet that he answered my question :oops: Hopefully they will release Option Parts later on when they have more Mini Fee (and therefore more heads) available.

      Aww, I feel lovely :grin:
    5. There are 2 mini fee's on ebay right now, so some must have shipped then i assume? Cant wait for my Soo!
    6. It doesn't bother me that they won't have option parts available for some time. I just hope that they will be available in the future. I won't have need for them for a long time.
    7. You know, if this whole Volks opening thing doesn't pan out, I'm going to set that money aside for a wee Soo, I'll tell you what for. 'Specially as the white skin version is now available.

      Also, add me to the list of people who are tickled about the idea of a wee Lishe.
    8. How about a wee El...oh the dream - a wee Lishe and a wee El. I do want to branch out into other doll companies though...
    9. So far, Sean has confirmed the following future releases:

      other elves?
    10. I loved the new pictures they had up. I cant wait for them to make a lil El!!! :D I have ALWAYS loved him but thought his size might be a problem considering I seem to do better with Minis. Now I can get him^^ So happy♥
    11. Wait - even better - VAMPIRE mini-fees.

      Oh my!
    12. Did you recieve this information in an email, on the board, or was this an announcement. I'd love to read exactly what he said. This is so exciting!
    13. Eee, I can't wait until Luts releases the other sculpts. I have a character in mind and I'm really hoping that one of their faces will suit him. ^^;
    14. That was pulled from a bunch of different posts on the Q&A board... mostly people asking if Luts was going to make a particular doll, and Sean replying yes.
    15. Okay! I have read a few questions focused on the Mini Fée, but I haven't skimmed through them all.

      Also, the first post in updated to include the announcement that white skin Chiwoo and Chiwoo Special have been added to the English site.
    16. *MEGA GLOMP on mini Fee Chiwoo pic....*

      The BW mini Chiwoo pic has El face-up.... Somehow that doesn't look right... :oops:

      *sniff* The Chiwoos are not smiling enough! I want the pouty smile!!! XDD
    17. How exciting! I can't wait to see what the other head sculpts will look like! :D
    18. eeee Mini Yder XD
    19. Mini-El, eh?

      Hey Luuuuuuuuutz...

      <Lutz> NO. DIE.
    20. And here I was hoping I could resist mini Chiwoo. :oops: I was thinking, not worth it for an Unoa size, but the new pics changed my mind... but mini chiwoo AND mini soony? and mini el, lishe and others???