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New MiniFée Girl body & "a la carte" System coming soon at FairyLand

Mar 17, 2008

    1. EDIT : April 11
      A Line a la Carte system is now updated. Please refer to news thread http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=205920

      Dear customers,

      Hello this is FairyLand.

      Thanks to your generous support in MiniFée, it is our pleasure to announce the updates of new MiniFée girl body and new "a la carte" System (previously known as My Choice System).

      "A la carte" System will enable you to choose the new MiniFée body, with beautiful body lines of previous body type now enhanced with various posing and convenient "magnetic change system" for hands and feet. The magnetic system is well known for its convenience and easy-to-change ability, shown by pukipuki.


      For more photos of new MiniFée girl body, please visit [Introducing MiniFée] gallery.

      "A la carte" system is planned to be updated on April 10, when the new system is updated at FairyLand website.
      New notice will be announced when the details of sales are finalized.

      The new girl body will be available only from "a la carte" system, but not with normal MiniFée packages for a while.
      We will slowly work on changing to the new body type with non-"a la carte" system MiniFée, some time after June.

      Boy body for "a la carte" will be revealed from around mid April, and new girl body with small bust is planned to be available from around June.

      The head options available for "a la carte" system are planned to be MiniFée Chiwoo, Shiwoo, El, Ruth, Soo, Lishe, Ari, Shushu and Marcia.
      Closer to the sale starting date, new head only available with "a la carte" will be released as well, and we would like to ask for your continuing support.

      Lastly, we have been discussing the option of choosing the bust type of girl body with purchase of current MiniFée girls (especially Miyu), but there are problems with actual manufacturing and processing for non-Soo heads to have small bust body. We are still undecided on this issue, but it difficult to enable this option at this stage. Our apologies for the inconveniences.

      Thank you.


      FairyLand website - http://dollfairyland.com
    2. will this new system be introduced on the boy bodies too? Not the new my choice and magnets, the higher torso joint I mean.
    3. She looks absolutely fantastic. Her posing is amazing. I think bust options would be wonderful.
      How much will the body cost?
      Oh, and who's the girl in the pictures (what head)? Will that head be available in the "a la carte" system?

      Thanks! :D
    4. Will Miyu be available on the a la carte system eventually? Im ready to order miyu but i love the new body poses!
    5. Ah, this looks fantastic! What about the Woosoo head? Is there any chance that it might be eventually available through the a la carte system?
    6. Q. Which head is shown on the pictures of the new MNF girl body?
      A. It is the new head, only available with A la Carte system.

      Q. Will you be releasing new boy body/new small bust girl body? When?
      A. Yes, please refer to the main news content :)

      Q. Can I have old arms/legs on new torso (or vice versa)?
      A. It would be difficult as they are not really compatible.

      Q. Can old hands/feets without magnet system be used with new body?
      A. Yes

      Q. Are old heads compatible with new body?
      A. Yes

      Q. How much is the new body/A la Carte system?
      A. It has not been finalized yet. More information will be available closer to the releasing date.

      Q. If I order MiniFee now, can I have new body?
      A. No. The new body will be only available with A la Carte system for next few months. It will take some time for the new body to be incorporated into normal MiniFee package (likely to be after June).

      Q. Will Miyu and Woosoo be available with the new body?
      A. At the moment we have no plans for updating Miyu and Woosoo's body to the new body in the near future.
    7. Will the A la Carte system ever include tanning (or darker) skintones?

      Thanks! :)
    8. will it come in White skin?

      Edit: got my answer..wwhoohoo!!
    9. Sorry, how tall are they? x.x
    10. They are MSD-sized. All MSDs are in the 40cm range.
    11. What's the difference between the beautiful and active lines?
    12. The active line has far more joints and thus better posing where as the beautiful line has less joints so the overall appearance is nicer.
    13. What are the New Active line heads?