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New MiniFee Full Packages for Ryeon & Seorin

Apr 19, 2008

    1. Dear customers,

      It is our pleasure to introduce MiniFee Full Packages for Ryeon and Seorin.

      MiniFee Seorin Full Package (Ja-yeon) (click)

      MiniFee Ryeon Full Package (Shin-yo) (click)

      With Full Package purchases (for both Seorin and Ryeon), the weapon (halberd) shown with Seorin will be given out as a gift.

      Number of Full Packages available are limited due to difficulties with manufacturing weapons and outfits - especially the weapons, which are only produced in small numbers as they are all hand-made directly by our team.

      There is a possibility of separate weapon sale after inspecting the processing procedure for current sales.

      Thank you.
    2. How limited are these dolls? their absolutely stunning
    3. Were these the head molds that were used for the photo galleries that displayed the new (A Line) bodie's posing abilities?
    4. I absolutely adore Ja-yeon's outfit, and the halberd. Will the outfits or halberd be available for separate purchase?
    5. The outfits have already been posted on the site for separate purchase, Kiyakotari! :) I saw them right after I noticed this post.

    6. I'm a bit new at this, but what is "SP Head"?

      These dolls are GORGEOUS! :love
    7. @ Lana: An "SP Head" is a sleeping head=)
    8. No, they're different heads. They only had them in the a la carte choices.
    9. wow!! Do the outfit sets come with the accessories and shoes?
    10. Are the outfits (for separate sale) going to be limited?
    11. They said the number of fullsets was limited due to the difficulty of manufacturing the outfits and weapons, so I would assume that applies to the outfits by themselves as well.
    12. - The exact number of Full Package is not fixed, but the availability is not much.

      - Ryeon's head is the one shown with A Line girl body in MiniFee Gallery.

      - Full Package products do include shoes, but the separate outfits (Ja-yeon and Shin-yo outfits for MiniFee) don't include shoes, nor the halberd.

      - Seorin does not come with ear piercings, and FL does not accept customization requests such as ear piercing, custom makeup etc.
    13. Will a basic package be available for Seorin?
    14. He's available to buy in the A-Line A la Carte section.
    15. :?Okay I just have a dumb question to ask, but does Fairyland take paypal as payment or are they using credit cards??
    16. They take paypal :)
    17. Wow both of them are beautiful, will there be a basic version for both of these?
    18. - Credit card payment (via Eximbay) and Paypal payments are accepted. To pay using Paypal, please write on the customer request section of the order form. Paypal invoice will be sent within 1~2 business days. :)

      - Seorin and Ryeon don't have Basic version as such, but are available with A-Line a la Carte.