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New MNF A-Line heads, Ryeon, Seorin and 'Old B'

Apr 17, 2008

    1. Yay, Head 'A' and head 'B' now have names!

      Head 'A' is now named: Ryeon
      Head 'B' is now named: Seorin
      And now also, 'Old B'- name yet to be decided.
      (and probably in the future, former 'My Choice' Head No. 7)

      Discuss these new guys here. :)

      I think these guys are gorgeous~
    2. OH NOES! I AM RAVING MAD!!! I only wanted the other head!!!


    3. wha?? D: but i really liked that head...why do they just have some RANDOM head rolling around, and wouldnt they sell it @___@ perhaps it'll be released in the future. thats an odd mistake! i wonder how differant the actual head looks
    4. .....How very odd....*_*

      Had thought there was something different about the eyes, but put it down to the face up. Like both B heads, but really liked the original B. Maybe it's a prototype from when they were working out the ala carte line before they decided on Seorin?

      It is dissapointing though :|

      Good that they're giving everyone options of alternate heads/ cancellation if they already ordered.
    5. I'm so upset. I didn't like the faced up version. I purchased B before they posted those photos actually. I like B. I do not like Seorin, and I'm very very upset. I would have bid on the LSG Kumi if I had known that they were not actually selling B.

      It is VERY bad form to advertise a doll as one thing and then turn around and say that the doll you bought is not what you are getting, and the one you wanted is not for sale. Not even a Bermann can get away with that.
    6. I like the new boy :aheartbea I don't like how they paint the lips though. And surely people must get the doll they actually ordered.
    7. It was a mistake, they've apologised and are offering solutions including giving everyone their money back.

      As someone pointed out, they do have a head there which they are likely to release again in the future.
      I'm surprised at how many people ordered the B head based entirely on that little picture on the Ala Carte page. Hell how many of you didn't even realise they were different heads?

      I personally like Seorin and B, and will be getting Seorin and will look forward to when they bring B out.
    8. I ONLY buy dolls that I see blank first. I bought B BEFORE they posted the faceup photos based on this picture. He was the same as the thumbnail they had in the a la carte page before they changed it.

    9. I think that fairyland desurves abit of slack.
      Sure its a monumental feck up. But they are also months and months ahead of what they originally planned.
      I mean first things first, they werent gona realease anything but the Big Bust Active line body, we got estimates that the small bust and boy body wouldnt be released until June, and they threw in not one new head but 2 new heads, plus new hands!
      I guess I am biast because I really do like Fairyland, they are so much smaller then for example Luts and yet they manage to keep up with almost all the estimates they give, they release things regularely, unlike luts that have more then once given me a wrong estimate, had me waiting for 3 months. Fairyland has shipped everything (to me anyway) within a +/-2 day period on when they estimated.

      Basically I am saying, sure they fecked up, but atleast when they found out they admitted to it and are trying to find out how to make it better.
      I also understand that people like FunnyLori are unhappy, heck I would be fuming if I ordered a doll because I liked the picture, only to find out that it was a "mix up" and that I had infact bought something els. I do feel badly for you FunnyLori.

      I just hope they find a solution to make everyone happy and work this out.
    10. but the message clearly states

      It doesn't mention this photo which is on the Minifee Page..
    11. It was the same head they had as the blank example in the thumbnail. I didn't save the thumbnail.
    12. I actually also agree with Funny on this, it is the same head as was in the thumb nail thingy.
    13. ^ Agree with this.
    14. Looking closer I realise it does look kind of different now but seeing as it seems the majority of people only realised when the company itself pointed it out.. I'm trying to understand why people are going nuts?

      If you're unhappy that you're not getting the B in the unpainted photos rather than the B in the painted photos..which until this point you didn't realise there was a difference; then request your money back as Fairyland has offered.

      Has anyone asked if they intend to bring the B head out in the future? Their message states that the B head isn't available now, it doesn't say it will never be available.

      (and Funny are you copying and pasting your posts into every MNF Ala Carte related thread?)
    15. It was only because of the great reviews that I considered ordering from Fairyland. But this is just too much. He was a special gift from my fiance too... To try and cheer me up about some personal things I've been dealing with. :(

      *Edit. I'm posting only replies that were important or pertaining to the issue in each thread.

      Also, to me sculpts look wildly different with faceups than without. As I said, I ONLY buy dolls based on blank photos. There was also no good straight on photos of the whole face like there was of the blank head, so I wasn't 100% positive if the head was the same or not.
    16. Agree with what Lady White Raven has said - they're well ahead of their initial time estimates and when the error was found, they're doing their best to rectify it.

      I do feel for everyone who bought the B head prior to this (esp you FunnyLori since it sounded like it was choice between a minifee or a lsg kumi....) but at least it was found now rather than later.

      Can you imagine the furore if this had been found after they had been sent out to customers??
    17. Didn't they say that the head in the promo pictures of the A-line body (when the news was first released) that the heads pictured in the A-line promos (not the actual a la carte page) may not be the heads that would be made available? Personally, I really like the Seorin head and wasn't interested in the "B" head until I saw the painted version (that is the correct head). I'm very sorry you are so upset FunnyLori, but I can't really be mad with FairyLand as it was a genuine mistake on their part and they are trying to fix things. They probably do not have molds made for the promo version and it would take them a while to make a good new mold, so I understand their not offering it.

      It doesn't strike me as terribly mature to put something so negative about a company in your forum signature.
    18. It was the SAME head that they had a thumbnail of in the a la carte page though. They only just changed it.
    19. Yeah. It was very surprising. Seorin really does not look like the B head they put up previously. Really doesnot resemble to bit. The lips and all, really different. That's why I had always felt that it's different doll who did the body posing pictures. I am sorry to hear that you missed out the doll you wanted because of this mistakes FunnyLori. But like jasperjin said, it's good that you found out/ being told about it before you actually received him. It would be more troublesome if he already arrived to you, just to know, he's not the doll you wished to own D: Hope you got to work things out on your site. And hope Fairyland will be more careful about it after this~
    20. I thought they were two different heads, because the eyes and the mouths are different. Seorin doesn't smile and his eyes are round as opposed to triangular. However, people kept saying "it's just the faceup," so I kept looking and looking... and ended up liking blank B better. ^^;;; I still thought they didn't look the same, but I gave the faceup the benefit of the doubt until owner pictures came around. Now I see I should've stuck to my guns on that, cause I was right. XD

      Which sucks really badly because I was setting my heart on B-head, like FunnyLori. I will be asking if they will release him in the future, since there are people interested in the B-head over Seorin (although he is the one that initially caught my eye, and is a beautiful sculpt in and of himself. Just the more I compare him to B, the more I realize that B fits the character better, and I can't afford to buy superfluous dolls outside the short list I have. Don't have the money!).