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New MNF WOOSOO VAMPS(boy and girl) At Fairyland

Jul 14, 2008

    1. Dear customers,

      We are pleased to announce the release of new MiniFee, Woosoo Vampire Elf Boy and Girl types.
      They have been released much ahead of planned schedule to allow more customers to benefit from 2008 Summer Event. As a result some of preparations are not quite complete, and we ask for your understanding.

      Woosoo Vampire Elf heads will be updated at both Active Line and Beautiful Line A la Carte systems, and they will also be released as a regular release MiniFee with Active Line body (around July 16).

      Full Package versions of Woosoo Vampire Elf as shown on the photographs in the main page, were planned to be released at the same time. However, we have been experiencing shipping delays with some orders due to external factors and we fear that if we leave this situation as it is the problem will get worse. Now it has been decided that the Full Package products will be available only once all the components and preparations are completed. A new announcement for Woosoo Vampire Elf Full Packages will be updated once all the preparation is complete.

      Lastly, Metal plate option will no longer be available for MiniFee A la Carte, both Active Line and Beautiful Line. Our apologies for the inconveniences.

      ** UPDATE ** Woosoo Vampire Elf heads are now available at MiniFee A la Carte systems.
    2. Has FL moved servers or something? I can't see anything but the thumbnails anymore, I've had the same problem with Luts for a long time now, and suddenly the FL website has changed and I can't see your photos either! This is really sad, I have a few purchase plans but now can't see what I'd like to buy :(
    3. FairyLand's main server (one that supports Korean website, email server and images files) has been quite unstable today, and it seems like the English server (which is independent to the main one) is having a problem as well. I've reported the problem to the Korean admin and hopefully things will settle down tomorrow.

      edit: English shopping mall seems ok for now, but both servers will be checked tomorrow during the business hour.
      The images on Introducing MiniFee gallery are hosted on the main server, so even if the English website seems to work the images may not load properly.
    4. I have to say: my heart skipped a few beats when I saw those photos. The girl is lovely! I'm pretty sure I know the answer, but will those outfits/accessories be available for separate sale at a later date, or will they be full-package only?
    5. So is the boy and the girl head the same head? just painted as a boy and a girl?
      Love the boys outfit.
    6. They look different to me, and in the A La Carte system they are up as two separate heads. I believe the eyes and the ears are different on the male and female versions, which is why they're two different genders/heads.
    7. - Boy type and Girl type Woosoo Vampire Elf heads have slightly different eye shapes.

      - Full Package products will be on sale once enough accessory stocks arrive, but we aren't sure whether or not the outfits will be available separately.

      We are still experiencing some problem with our main server. It is being investigated at the moment but there will be some delays with Email administration (including inquiries and Paypal invoices) until it is resolved. Some images will be transferred to the English server hopefully soon, so they will be viewable while the main server is down.
    8. Do the boy and girl heads actually have little teeth, or are they just painted on? Also, do the sleeping heads have teeth too? I couldn't quite see in the pictures.

      Thank you!

    9. They definitely have real sculpted teeth. :) And yes, the sleeping heads do too.
    10. I understand that they were delayed...do you know if the fullset Vampire Woosoos will be available before the summer event is over? Thanks!
    11. Will the full package be let go in a twin set too?
    12. Are eyes included in the twin set? And in the twin set do they also come with the a-line bodies?
    13. Don't know about the eyes, but those are a-line bodies in the pictures.