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New model from angell-studio

Aug 7, 2007

    1. Her name is lilith, and it comes in 2 versions, pink and white.

      She looks superb, and the price is incredible counting what's included in the package.

      Adam has 2 versions now too, pink and white, like lilith.

      Pink version of lilith

      White version

      The web site is under construction, i hope they have it running soon, as i want a vera as soon as possible.
    2. What size are they? SD or MSD size?
    3. they are SD sized...If you croll down from the page...You will be able to see the measurements. ^^
    4. Am I misunderstanding the options, or is this doll scented?
    5. You are able to choose a scent for your doll which is free. 8D Or you can have the doll without the scent. If you choose the scented version, you won't smell the fresh smell of resin. LOL.
    6. they give you eyes with Lilith but is it me or are her eyes closed?
    7. At the very bottom of the page it says 3 layers of eyelashes have been pasted into the eyeslit so no eyball is needed. Her eyes maybe open a tiny tiny bit.
    8. Not sure if it has been asked before-
      Are the scent cured into the resin? Or is it a sachet or spray of some sort?

      I think it would be cool if it is built in.

    9. Does anyone know what the differences in the make-up options are? One says "fine blushing", and the other says "basic blushing"

      Does basic mean the make-up in the photos? Does fine mean a custom make-up?
    10. Is this 'pink' colour the same as the 'pinky white' that the MSDs come in? I've been waiting for an SD body with similar tone to a DoD body, so if so, that'd be awesome!
    11. On the top of the page you can change the currency to dollars.It looks like the dolls are just over 250$ (good price :D)

    12. The website had been upgraded. The basic blushing was cancelled and only fine blushing is remaining. So there won't be any differences now~~:DDD
    13. It is said that Angell-Studio is going to release two new dolls at the end of this month, one is called Cain, another is Abel. Anybody konw about them?
    14. They already had a doll named Cain (though you don't see him or his sister Monica in the current line-up). If it's the same doll, not just the same name, you can run a search for Cain and find quite a few pictures.