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NEW MODEL MALE - Haneol Moon

Apr 12, 2007

    1. I saw him with the new model girl, mellow, and was wondering when they would release him. I'm not sure whether I really like him or not.. I think I'll have to wait till I see some user photos of him.
    2. wow Dean has grown up!

      I quite like his face, he's quite handsome. If the body wasn't so suspicious I think I'd very much consider him.
    3. ive only seen him in pictures with the female model... mellow or something :D what i wouldnt give to have them both :fangirl:
    4. *dies* Guh, Dollmore! Stop it! XD Stop making dolls for me to love! I like his jawline... MMM. Gimme gimme. :D
    5. :fangirl: I think he looks really nice, except that dark short wig looks really bad on him. I love all 3 of their boy dolls..
    6. I love Bonnie too, but it seems like not many people buy herT^T....
    7. He just looks too young for me. So far of the three boys, I like Kyle the best.

      I really wish Dollmore would make one of these boys noticeably more mature, that would really pique my interest.
    8. I Like him >.< He's got that...calm and cool expression~
    9. I really like him :D
      I think he could be my first boy doll. ^^
    10. I couldn't agree more!:) How i wish i was RICH!
    11. rotflmao...he looks like a stoner I knew in high school.

      I was sooooooo hoping for an older looking doll to go with Bella...sigh...*still waiting*
    12. I'm not crazy about the pics of him in the black wig, but the blonde one? I LIKES THAT. Yesah. I may have found Gabriel's ebil twin brother in that one.
    13. WOW! He's really handsome. Very cool attitude. :cool:

      I don't think he looks too young, do you? Ofcourse, with the right face-up you could make him look older.

      Next to Kyle, I like this guy best. He's a babe! :love
    14. Him, he doesn't look that young to me, but then again, I am looking at him with a particular character in mind... the elusive Yuki Eiri who has been avoiding me for a year now.

      Put him in gold eyes, pale unshiny tan lips and thin angry eyebrows and he might just be the one.

      Shuichi would be REALLY happy if the grumpy dude would FINALLY tell me who he is so I could purchase him!
    15. I love his expression but oh, the wig! It makes his face look... round. I still prefer Uri, though. The guy needs more love :aheartbea
    16. I agree with gayle in regards to Kyle being my favorite male Model doll.

      Though I can't get over how cocky this new boy's face is. The expression is what attracts me to this doll.
    17. :3 he would make one awsome evil charater
      or a cheap knock off of Orochimaru(sp) xDD
    18. Ohoho, Kyle still wins in my books. Uri comes second. xD I dunno, something about this guy... yeah, definitely young looking. And that gloss on his lips is just overpowering. xD

      They pulled him out pretty quick though, or time is passing by really fast for me... xD
    19. Is it me or does his head look very....tiny? =/ It looks a little disproportional. Doesn't look horrible though. I like his eyes a lot. :)