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Update New mohair wigs and outfit of Slinkyneko!

Dec 16, 2009

    1. Hi...

      Slinkyneko was update two outfit sets and some mohair wigs.
      They are 26cm doll's size.(Yo-sd size)
      I wish your interestings...^^//:D


    2. Question: I see this text on the two clothing sets what date does the xmas event run from and to? So these come with the hat and vest right now?
      From what I have seen they have never been offered on your site till now.

      Cotton flannel overalls and hooded shirt set.
      Fur hat and vest is the gift for christmas event!
      So it is not inclued this set.
      *This dress fit Yo-SD and 26cm dolls..
    3. What is your Christmas event? How can I get the matching hat?
    4. I did email this question to her also waiting for the reply will update here if I get one.
    5. It says on the site that the event runs Dec. 1-25 and is free hat and matching vest (hats pictured with new outfits for sale shown above) with the purchase of 25 cm Slinky Baby. Color is random. Hat and vest is not included with purchase of outfit, only with purchase of doll.
    6. where exactly does it say that?
    7. When I first click the link there's a pop up window that says all that.
    8. The hat & vest sets are available to purchase separately now.