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NEW N-Dolls MIRU & MISO urethane versions! 3 COOL Outfits too!!

Jul 1, 2008

    1. Visit N-Dolls International at www.n-dolls.com for more detail.

      Greetings from N-Doll.. great news from this lovely artist... she's got two new urethane versions of her wonderful Miru and Miso...

      *Don't miss the bottom of this post, with THREE NEW outfits*

      Check them out.... N-Dolls are 41 cm mature mini girls, with OUTSTANDING posing ability and fantastic balance and precision. Woong is a protege' of famous doll artist Bimong, who created Narin and Narae.

      Here is MIRU


      Miru comes either painted or default. You can also order a full set with handmade glass Korean eyes and wig. Price ranges from $390 US on up, depending on your options. You can choose large or small bust torso, or order both torsos.

      And here is MISO



      Small bust torso

      Here is the optional large bust torso, which you can also order put on your doll..


      Here is the first one, COWBOY
      The Cowboy Set- includes hat, bra, shirts, jean vest, and pants.
      Price $100.00 US

      And then STRIPED VEST


      The Striped Vest Set- includes hat, vest, pearled knit jeans.
      Price: $75.00 US

      and here is my favorite, MOULIN ROUGE SET!

      The Moulin Rouge Set- includes hat, blouse and Capri pants.
      Price: $75.00

      All clothing, dolls and accessories are handmade in Korea by artist Woong from N-Doll and her partners.

      Please visit us at www.n-dolls.com for more info.

    2. Are there any plans to release Miso in tan resin anytime in the future?
    3. Aw, I love Miso. Are there pictures of blank heads without the faceup that I'm just not seeing of her? Will they be put up at any time?
      I like to see the blank ones because I would get a custom faceup...
    4. I've visited the website, are they no longer offering them in French resin?
    5. wow Miso is cute! She looks just like a cross between a Unoa and a Sharmin!
    6. ohmygodohmygod i have waited for this day when miso is in urethane!! i love my miso but have always wanted her in urethane. i will definitely be ordering from you very soon and the black outfit is great too :)
    7. Hello:
      MahoBunnyBell: At this time, we just can offer the regular pinky white matte resin. But I will pass along your suggestion!

      ObsidianSky: we did not receive a blank head shot of Miso. Only Miru. But I can ask for you!

      Healdria: At this time, we are just offering the matte urethane resin, but we hope to offer it again in the next ordering period.

      Absynthe: Yes, great observation! The Miso and Miru are more slender than the 43cm narae, and are also about an inch shorter too. They make great companions for Narae, Sharmin, or Unoa.

      Honest Rabbit: Thanks and it's always a pleasure sending lovely things to you across the pond...

      Appreciate everyone's interest...
    8. Thanks Catrina :) Ive just placed my order for Miso. Im so excited!
    9. Thanks darlin'

      We will be wiring in the orders just after the 7th. We hope to add a French resin order next month, in addition to offering the urethane option.

    10. So mine will definitely go through as a urethane for this ordering period?
    11. Thanks Catrina! That would be greatly appreciated!