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New Namu-Voice of Angels at doll soom!

Jun 27, 2006

    1. Are they making a BW skintone now o_o? I want another Namu if that's the case @D@
    2. this is what i get from the q&a section.posted by fuzzilla.

      they are not limited edition.
      they are twins - normal skin and white skin namu.
      they will be available sometime this week.

      i can't wait to see more pics!
    3. The information for Voice of Angels Namu has been updated on that link XD
    4. Just an FYI, if anyone's taken a look at the description. They come as unfiinished kits and the wings are not included. From what it says it also seems as if you get one boy who is normal skin and one white skin.

    5. Wings are an option that you can add [1 pair or 2 pairs] at about ~$30 USD a pair.

    6. The list of items the set includes says that they do come with finished default face-up heads, 2 different pairs of SOOM eyes, 2 sets of wigs, 2 sets of outfits, and the tattoo stickers for the dolls.

      I wonder if you pay for face-ups and body blushing, if they'll do a custom face-up instead of default?

      Are these dolls 60cm? I noticed they are in the normal SOOM doll section, but I just wanted to make sure. If I don't bring home a doll from the Volks Tea Party, then this is definately a new addition to my doll family. He'd look so handsome beside Rosiel. ^_^
    7. i don't know about custom face-ups... but they are 60cm!
      i've been refreshing the DollSoom page all day, waiting for the price to be up, lol. i already have one Namu, but Angel Namu Twins? irrestistable.
      BTW: the fuzzzilla who asked all the questions at dollsoom was me. :)
      anyhow, i can't wait, and if i get any more info, i'll post here!
    8. $849 for the pair???? Was about to click the add to cart button then realised they come unassembled. Why???? That's the one thing I hate doing most.
    9. i guess that's why they're cheap^^. I mean even their normal unassembled cost 390.
      I wonder if you can ask them to assemble it with extra charge?

      faes mom: yup, Robin, I guess that was you^^.

      but since the shipping is free, you can split with a friend for 424.50! that's cheap than a regular SD doll, included with wigs and face-up and all with no extra shipping cost. I guess you can find a friend that knows how to string? me i not so good with stringing myself^^.
      though i'm not planning to get one soon, the normal skin seems to call out my name hehe.
    10. yup they're 60 cms as they are gems. the measurements are the same with namu.
      the only mini (or tiny) they have around is the fashion doll sized mini-gems (the illusive uyoos)^^.
    11. I don't mind paying for the both of them but the stringing part annoys me greatly. Really hate doing it. Maybe I'll ask if they cam assemble for me. I don't mind paying extra. I just want them to arrive complete.

      Eh? Shipping is free?
    12. I asked about assembly and yes, they do offer it for a fee:

      Thank you for your interest in our doll.
      Regarding the 'Namu-Voice of Angels ', we can offer the dolls fully assembled with tattoos as well.
      Also they will go with face ups and shipping fee is free .
      assembled 'Namu-Voice of Angels 'will be delivered carefully packed with cusions in the default boxes.

      But there is additional charge.
      Please kindly note below;

      assembled 'Namu-Voice of Angels ' $1069
      if you add the wings $ 62
      total $1132