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NEW Narae 43 closed mouth: "Narae Butterfly"Close up new pics loaded

Nov 2, 2006

    1. [​IMG]


      more images:



      Narae Butterfly is available as a full doll, or you can just buy a single head.
      Customization is possible by talented artists in Korea (artists Basic Line or Kim Kyu Yun)

      HOLIDAY ORDERING DEADLINE: NOVEMBER 15. Please get your holiday orders in by then to assure enough time to receive your gift dolls.

      There was much interest in a closed mouth Narae, and we gave this information to Narin Creative.
      It's really nice that they value their international customers so much, and care about us.

      Narin-Narae discussion thread in Mini:

    2. Will there be a closed mouth Narin by any chance?

      I'd really love a closed mouth 43cm Narin (with the regular Narin style eyes not classic face eyes). I'd especially love one that's not too smiley. A more neutral expression to give him a bit more of an adult appearance. :)
    3. I don't know.. but my feeling is, it's highly unlikely we'll have six Narae 43 faces and just five Narin 43 faces.

      I can ask....

      We made graphics for Narae Butterfly, and sent them to Korea. Maybe they will like ours enough to use them. Should be fun! We were asked to help name her, and they chose the name we submitted to them for her.
    4. Question: On the official Narin Doll site it looks like there are two new types of large dolls-"Narin Charisma" and "Narae Mature". Are there any plans to sell them on dollfair?
    5. Bump for photos just released today!
    6. Yes, they are available and we will be loading all the new heads today.
      You can also just go ahead and order, putting the correct head-- Narin Charisma, Narae Mature or Butterfly Narae in the shopping cart order box.

      Many thanks!
    7. Yes, I have just gotten word that they will be sending me a new 43cm Narin face, and have asked me to name him. (no pressure, LOLZ).

      I am assuming it's a closed mouth Narin. Haven't seen him to confirm, but I'm really excited at the prospects!
    8. She's really lovely!! What eye size is she wearing in these photos?

      -- A :>
    9. 12mm, Oh Foxy One.

      PM'd you.

    10. Here's a link to see her with a wig and body. Click on the pics to enlarge.