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NEW Narae & Narin Urethane resin discussion

Apr 19, 2008

    1. New resin for Narin dolls! :fangirl:

      New tanned urethane Narae and Narin....

      Please no customer service chat, according to mod's requests...

    2. Is there any price difference between urethane resin and french resin narin/narae?
    3. Yes, there will be.
    4. As I said, tanned Narae looks like a dream. Like her
    5. Woo! I'm pretty excited about this >< I still haven't truly decided whether I want to keep my Shushu or sell her and get a Narae. Will the urethane Narae's be available with the old knees as well?
    6. Yes, you can get them with the new knee and order the old knees later as an option. Or you can order them immediately with the old knee. The only path you can't take is getting the old knee system and ordering the new one as an option.

      And all options will be available as of May 15 in both urethane and French resin.

      And they advise, due to resin batch color differences, please order optional parts sooner rather than later.. because colors might change slightly and the optional parts may no longer match.

    7. I'm excited to see the new urethane Naraes!! I'm hoping they eventually do snow white resin, and it would be wonderful to have a suntanned Narae. As far as I know, there aren't any mature minis with that color (the lighter 'tan' looking tan) that would be a little darker and more golden looking than my French resin tanned Narae girls. I wouldn't be able to resist a Narae in that color.:love

      I think I read that they are planning four colors?
    8. Catrina, do you have any guess on how much of a price difference? Just out of curiousity I guess... If your not sure that's fine ^^
    9. Are the big Narae and Narins getting Urethane versions as well? :D
    10. They look fantastic in urethane as well! That tan looks really nice but I'm partial towards pinkywhite for obvious reasons.

    11. At this time, I think we'll be moving toward a urethane 60cm Narae. They need to make a test cast first, to make sure everything looks good.

      I don't know how much of a price difference yet, since we are discussing it now.

      We will have four urethane colors, at least! It would be cool to have a dark tanned, also... but we are taking it one step at a time.

      French resin will continue, with all four colors.

      Also, I am planning to stop all ordering for Narin and Narae on Dollfair today through mid-May. This will allow us to make all changes for these new options, train and hire the people needed to answer phones and urgent emails in the middle of the night, and help Narin catch up after the shortage. we will leave the home page up for current customers whose orders are in process now in Korea. Otherwise, we won't take any new orders until we have renewed the site.

    12. Beautiful!!!
      Im glad to know that the ordering won't start until the middle of May since this will give me time to get my money together. I definitely want a tan urethane Narae. Im just not sure if I want her with the new knees or the older ones.

      Catrina~Just to be clear about the hooks and hopefully I won't end up sounding stupid, but if I order a tan narae with the new knee joints...there will be 2 extra hooks include? And to go further...does that mean that there will only be 2 hooks in total for both knees or 2 extra hooks for each knee? Will this cost me extra? And in the future if I needed to order more hooks would that be possible?
    13. Is the tan mixed with the urethane as it is with the French resin?

    14. Wow! I've always said that if Narindolls were availible in urethane, I would be all over them (personal taste)-- and now it's really happened. Dang. :D Will urethane be offered for good, or only for this french resin crisis?
    15. I will be sanding both my new dolls, and showing you the results! Both tanned and pinky white. All my doll friends know that I really enjoy sanding dolls. It's very relaxing. (though I do wear a little mask).

      The urethane will be offered permanently. The French resin shortage is now over... the problem is we have orders delayed due to this. I feel that by mid-May things will be humming along again. Once again, Narin had no role in this shortage-- along with several other companies, they were caught in it. It's the last time though.

      As we get new urethane colors, I will post them.

    16. I am loving the tan version, Don't suppose this means Supia will soon be tan?
    17. Me too! I prefer the opacity of the urethane resin.

      The pinky white and tan look great.

      I'll be waiting to find out what about the 60cms ^^
    18. Wow these girls are gorgeous! I may have to get one ;)

      Catrina- I think it's great you guys are closing for a while, I think eveyone needs some time to work without worrying about more coming in. Hopefully Bimong can use the time to catch up too. Can't wait until you re-open in May, I think it will be very exciting.
    19. Catrina-I'm guessing the new urethane dolls will also have the UV protection added to the resin? I will die once the white urethane girls come out as I have always wanted one!
    20. :dohCatrina I think I just got my answer by reading in this thread, cool! Just disregard my email message:D.