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New Nari-Pons

Nov 17, 2005

    1. The new Notdoll English site has added two new nari-pon to its inventory, Garlic and Ginger. There aren't any pictures as of, yet, but I though who love nari-pons might be interested.
    2. I just have to say that those are really cute names. ^_^ Can't wait to see photos!
    3. NotDoll Lab has confirm that both Nari Pon Garlic and Ginger are Nari Pon boys(^.^)
      and they said hopefully to be out before Dec~~ :D
    4. May I ask where is the web site ^^
    5. The pictures are up now. Strange they both look the same to me. The wigs are kinda puffy LOL. Do all Nari-pons have the same face mold?
    6. I don't see the new pictures yet. Just the "hug me" Naripons with big hair. If anyone is ordering from Notdoll, I'd love a pair of tiny Volks eyes. Just don't want to pay $20 for shipping!
    7. :daisy there are 4 face moulds to the girlies ,although similar , the difference is in the eyes :love

      the boys will have 2 new sculpts :daisy
    8. Can't wait to see the new ones. I just can't decide which one is the one for me.
    9. Boy Nari-pons!!! *dies of love*