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NEW!! NARIN DOLLS 60 cm & 43 cm PRE-ORDERING INFO pg. 12

Oct 18, 2005

    1. Whew-- it's been a two week wait (seems like months!) see page 12 for the ordering scoop....

      Hi everyone,
      I am Narin Dolls' new international representative, and they have given me permission to release photos of the much-awaited 60 cm dolls. Since I know you are dying to see the pics, I'll write more at the end of the photos. : - )

      OK, are you sitting down? First is the new Narae (all are the same sculpt, believe it or not!) and then Narin makes his debut....






      And here is Narin... *swoon*




      Here is a little FAQ:

      First a little housekeeping: there was no lawsuit against Narin Creative by Alchemic Labo. this was an unfortunate rumor that went around the Internet: you know, if you hear something often enough, it becomes truth. So let's get that cleared up. Mr. Bimong is an established doll artist and runs a school for doll artists in Korea. He is also a founding member of LA Doll, the Korean Ball Jointed Doll Association.

      60 cm Narin and Narae will be available to order from the first of the month. I hope to get at least 2 orders in before Christmas, and Narin Dolls is aware of our need to receive dolls in a timely fashion for holiday delivery. : - )

      The dolls above are customized; I should be getting default wig/faceup/ etc. photos any moment, which I will post.

      I will also take orders for the 43 cm dolls as well.

      The 60 cm dolls will be approximately $650 US. I will ship to any non-Asian country.
      At this time, the CYBORG dolls are not available, but I am negotiating for them. This may take some time, as everyone there will be concentrating on the 60 cm dolls.

      The Narin site should be up by the end of the month. I have no idea if there will be any English, because they know I will have an English site. My site with Narin Dolls will be up within the week and I will give you the link then.

      I will accept PayPal, money orders, BidPay.

      About me: I have been on Ebay since January 1998, 100% positive feedback and my user ID is goldfishgoddess. I am a verified PayPal business and Ebay Powerseller as well as lifetime doll collector.

      I hope to start a mailing list of people who want to know more about these dolls, or who need extra info. Feel free to PM me. Thanks, Catrina
    2. this sure is exciting to hear :) Unfortunately i can only view the first 2 pictures :( the rest appears as little x's for me...

      edit: saw that you noticed XD I love the 2nd pic though... those dresses are just stunning!
    3. the last 6 1/2 pictures are not showing T-T I wanna see Narin...
    4. same here :(
    5. I can't see them either.

      Also, out of curiosity how much are the 43cm ones?
    6. OK, they should all be working now... the photographer sent REALLY big files... now they seem to load ok as optimized sizes.

    7. No worries :) Still curious about the 43cm ones' price :0
    8. Beautiful dolls and pictures. The last pic is so cute *^^*
    9. I have to check the exchange rate... I believe they will be somewhere around $475 each. I will also get updated default photos for them as well, because I believe the original ones sold were without faceup. Do you like painted or unpainted? I'll check into it.

    10. Beautiful dolls!!

    11. Oh, CRAP. I've been saving for Fancyboots' Liebchen, but now Narindoll is back.... And I can only afford one more doll, if any. Why, God, why? :cry:
    12. mouth falls open ...seriously beautiful dolls :D
    13. I'm interested in a painted Narae.
    14. God in heaven! They're gorgeous! o_o
    15. Narin <3 gosh many wonderful dolls at once *_* (first DOT, then Latin doll and now this T_T)

    16. Oh! Can you also ask for full nude body shots? I'd like to see what their jointing is like. :3
    17. I'll be in touch with them tonight Tammie & will ask.
      Thanks for the question....[/quote]
    18. [/quote]

      :) Thank you.
    19. goodness.. Narin is HOT
    20. Hee hee, hope that will not come over as too rude in Korean : - ) Heck, if I am not careful, I could get all kinds of photos in my inbox tomorrow : - )

      OK, I will put that on my e-mail to them for tonight. I have also asked them to send me pics of posing.. this artist is known for designing dolls with super posing ability, so I can't wait to see what they send.

      Thanks for the question....