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Nov 6, 2005

    1. Hi everyone,
      OK, enough waiting, pre-ordering begins now at this new site:

      I will be taking pre-orders for the next week. If you need your doll for a birthday or the holidays, this is the pre-order you need to get into. I hope to wire the order in next Monday the 14th so we can have a chance to receive these for the holidays.

      If you have any problems with using my site, please email me. I tested it on a bunch of computers, but you never know what will happen in the first few days. : - )

      :D I want to recognize two people on DOA who have done artwork for this site:

      :D Mandiiv, who did the illustrations in the FLASH area on the home page, as well as the really cool BJD mascot. She was also so helpful as I was building the site and gave me a lot of good feedback.
      :D Marti here on DOA owns a Narae named Ussika. I asked her if she had a drawing of her doll she would like to share, and I was so happy because she ended up doing a custom drawing for the site. You can see her illustration on the 43 cm ordering page.

      I recommend both these artists to anyone on DOA who wants some amazing original BJD art. I just love their creativity.

      Thanks and -- happy ordering!
    2. your website is beautiful and so well organized! i look forward to seeing the faces on the 10th! and hopefully ordering a narin soon.. once i gather up the funds. About how much would shipping be so I know how much I would need?
    3. Hey, thanks for the nice comments on the site.

      I want to see those faces, too. I think shipping with insurance to you in MD would be in the $20-25 range. We're weighing a bunch of MSD sized dolls in boxes today to get an average, and will go with that.
    4. Catrina,

      Got your PM and info :-D Submitted my pre-order. Am I the first? teehee :) Fab web site - really enjoyed browsing through it. Meet the artist section is very informative. The pictures and site design are clear and easy to understand. Thanks for putting in the extra effort to making your site work so well :-D

      I may have asked this before. Will we get the chance to purchase the old Narae face plate? Can't wait to see more pictures.
    5. Thanks so much for the kind comments-- I really like how the site came out, and I really appreciate the artists who gave it such a personalized touch!

      And thanks so much for your order... I'm going to get out the invoices tomorrow. I really appreciate all the interest. I hope to get an ordering board up this week, so that people can follow any news and updates I get.

      The new head options will be of course available to those who order dolls, but I have already been pestering Narin to let me buy them separately. I hope to get a whole box if I can! For now, I am waiting for more info/ pics/ etc. but it won't be long.
      Thanks again..
    6. I ordered! :D This really made my day.
    7. The site looks fantastic and so easy to navigate! :grin:
    8. Do you know what the default make-up looks like for Narae? I'm trying to decide whether or not to go default, custom, or just paint it myself!
    9. Lovely Site ... LOVED the artwork too!

      placed my order but undecided between regular skin tone and BW... help ... anyone have comparison shots of the two?
    10. Looking good!

      I'd like to see some close-ups of the alternate eye-shapes...

    11. I definitely want a Narin. I'm a litltle confused tho..
      Is the dragon tatoo Narin going to be available? Is that a special in the future? or is it just custom work?

      I also don't like teeth. (well I like teeth.. just not showing on my dolls hehehe) .. is the smaller Narin have teeth? I want one to look like the one in the orangish color racing suit on the Narin site, but I can't tell who is who on the changing pictures banner.

      I am not sure who I should order.

      any help?
      thanks so much..
    12. The pics will come around November 10. Narin dolls used to sell blank faces, so I'm afraid I'm at their mercy until they send these to me. Sorry this ordering is a little unconventional, but there is no way I could take a big order in just three days (to wire in time for Christmas).

      Stay tuned...
    13. The tattooed Narin 60 cm is a custom doll, and I'm not handling those. At least I don't think I am <<grins>> but I'd sure like to be able to. If you would like one, the custom price on it was $1,320-- understandable due to the painting job. I can ask if one could be made for you.

      The smaller ones have teeth. You can leave those out if you want but they are noticeable. The Racing Narin is 60 cm. The 60's have no teeth showing. (Gee, they might be still in there but the mouth is closed, LOL). So you'd want a 60 cm Narin.
    14. Hey, that makes at least 2 of us :D LOL

      When they arrive, I'll post them here as well as on my site.
    15. I see that there's an SA/sleepy-eyed Narin/Narae from the gallery, but I'm curious to know which version is seen in most of the other pics. Sometimes, they look very asian-featured, while in other pics they look more western, & I'm interested to know if that is due to the actual resin doll, or to the skill of the face-up artist. I love seeing dolls with different ethnic features, personally, which is why I am interested...

    16. Yay!

      Where do we send photos for what we'd like the faceup to be like after we've made an order? I've been looking at my-gene.com and I've seen a faceup style I'd love for my mini-Narae!

      Also thanks for PMing me to let me know about this pre-order, I might miss it though if I can't get the funds but hopefully there will be some mini-Naraes left on the second one! ^_^