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New NEW Iplehouse Boy Lion!

Mar 22, 2006

    1. No they don't. I wanted a Tanned Soo Ri, but he was too expensive for me:atremblin , so I had to ask them...
    2. Well, he looks nice, but I'm not so keen on the SS symbol on the shoulder or the eagle/ironcross thing he's got going on.

      And yes, I know "this" subject is "taboo" to bring up here, but since everyone's gushing about the doll I think it kinda needs to be brought up. >.>
    3. I brought up the ss uniform thing FIRSt. XD. But hush hush, or we'll get banned. :o.

      I personally actually still really like the uniform, despite the runes. They could probably be taken off if you wanted to. And you could just change the pin on the hat.

      Or you could just leave it. *shrugs*
    4. I know you think it's funny, but please don't joke about banning. :) And no, while we're on the topic, people don't get banned for mentioning the fact that a fullset outfit looks like an SS uniform.

      As you were.

      It's a nice outfit, it obviously fills out the militaristic bent they were going for, and like Splynterhayde says, if you don't like something about the outfit it can probably be modified or removed.
    5. I agree. Just wholesomely agree. :3.

      And yes, thank you Fyredancer for clearing that up. ^^. I *was* under the impression that if you even so much as mentioned an SS Uniform, you'd be out of here lickity-split.

      But yes, back on topic.

      The doll himself looks like a love child between Heath and Soo-Ri.

      Except really white.

      edit: I'd also, as an after thought, like him alot more with less eyelashes and more man in him. You know, a real ' handsome' face up. The current one *is* a knock-out, but not really after my heart, as it were.
    6. What a very odd idea! :aeyepop: Maybe you should take a look at the rules...?

      About the only way to be banned that fast is by sassing a mod. ^_^

      I've really been liking Iplehouse's Boys! This one, and Louis, fit characters I have in mind way too well! (Louis would have to be tanned though - and Lion wouldn't need the uniform, so I hope they come out with a basic one too.)
    7. Oh, I have read the rules. The first couple of times. It's just that they've changed a bit sicne I last looked at them. :P.

      I also remember one or two incidences where a member got in some major trouble (or so she claimed) for posting a nazi joke about pocket fairies, (and in any case the thread was locked) and then there was another girl quite a long while ago who was selling dollfie-SS memorabilia in the marketplace. I don't remember if she was banned or suspended, or even if the thread was just locked as well, but both of those incidents just gave me the *idea* y'know?

      Anyway. I'm sorry for dragging this off topic again! XD!

      I'd also agree with the fact that Iplehouse has been making some amazing boys lately. They're getting really good, and thier faces are just magnificent. Truly. :3.
    8. It's odd - and I'm also sorry to spam this thread - but I've seen a few people claim that they were banned here who weren't, so I understand where you're coming from. I think some people who can't find their fame any other way claim notority in its stead - possibly falsely...?

      But if you have any more questions about that or any other concern, please either PM a mod, or post your questions here. (We've started a thread for such concerns.)

      Please keep the rest of the posts here on topic. ^_^
    9. Tanned Soo-Ri arrived at my house about two weeks ago. He really is a beautiful, sturdy, well-made doll!
    10. Has anyone noticed the red patches are not in the photos anymore? Check out the Q & A section of their website. There's a small post on that topic and IpleHouse responded greatly. Gotta love 'em. =3 :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea :cake:

      (Sorry for bringing up this topic again, I just wanted to point out how great their service and attention to clients are. =3)

      The only bad thing about them is that they release such gorgeous boys and it's so hard for me to decide! And that's not even a bad thing. LOL Now Lion is competing with Soo Ri for my attention. Woe is me and all that. XD
    11. I also like how Iplehouse responded to the uniform, especially when they mention Korea.

      Did anyone notice a price increase on regular dolls? Is this part of the April 1st notice or are they going to increase again.... It makes me sad. Just a few hours ago they were $500, now they're $530 @_@
    12. And they even said they would take off all the patches from the uniforms and replace them with something else. They're the cutest people ever. =3 :aheartbea

      Woe is me and all that. *sigh* :arainclou
    13. The price increase seems to be because they only make the long-legged version now (63 cm). 30 dollars is what you used to add when optionally choosing long legs. Lion was, apparently, only made with long legs, but they only increased the total price now.
      But I wonder ... What about those who bought him before the price increase? There was a short time when he was 63 cm but stil 500 dollars ...