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New Non-Sato FCS Info is Here:

Oct 27, 2004

    1. Domuya posted in the "News" forum, so I thought many people might not check the news forum often, so here's the link to the new information: It's IMPORTANT for anyone thinking of getting an FCS soon because the new FCS 2004 is NOT identical to the Sato FCS.

    2. Aren't the prices Domuya asks way higher then the Volks FCS prices?? :?
    3. Those prices are in Singapore dollars, but yeah Domuya marks their dolls up a lot (their unlimited SD sisters were $700 o.O;;; ). I think their FCS prices US are a bit over $1000 for SD/13, and about $700 for MSD. If you know someone in Japan who could order you one you can save several hundred dollars. If not, than Domuya's kind of your only choice (I think the one or two other dep services that will do FCS charge about the same.)
    4. Ah sorry *feels really stupid* :oops: I didn't read the SGD...oops, but yeah Domuya is quite expensive buying dolls.
    5. Well, they offer a service and are a business to boot...I can completely understand why their prices are a bit higher. If I can't afford the new LE, I'm definately getting a FCS through Domuya.
    6. remember that Domuya is not volks, you are paying extra for domuya to facilitate the process for you. Domuya has to stay in business too. There are not many places that will allow you to order volks FCS currently, especially SATO fcs. They also go to a lot of trouble to help you decide about your doll and to make sure that the description is very good for volks so that your doll is what you wish.
    7. Exactly my point~
    8. Yeah, I know they provide a very specific service that requires them to go in in person and communicate back and forth quite a bit. As I said, no one else charges much less than they do, so their FCS fee is competitively priced. Whether the service is worth... $250, would it be? (I can't remember if the FCS are 80,000Y or more) is a personal decision. I've always been more surprised that they sell non-LEs, since the markup is so high (why pay $700 at Domuya when I can order SD Megu from Volks for $550? ^^;; ); FCS and LEs make sense.