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New "normal" Cutie Delf at Luts

Sep 24, 2005

    1. Anyone else saw that? I didn't see any post about this, so I thought I should make one.

      Now, we can choose between Normal and Special Mary and Cory...

      Normal versions are 250$ compared to 300$ for the special ones.

      But you don't get the extra head and hands though (from what I can read).

      And Luts say they will sell Cutie Delfs in white skin in the future, by the way... I wonder what they'll look like. :wink:
    2. I wonder why Normal versions are "out of stock" while Special are not. XD
    3. I mentioned this in the Tiny section.. But I didn't noticed that you could choose between normal and special.. Thats a interesting point Juu.
    4. They do it with bigger Delfs--like El and El Special seems to be sold and restocked independently from each other...
    5. That's nice, but I rather like the special myself. He doesn't always have to be awake, lol.
    6. You could do cute christmas eve photo stories with the sleeping head!
    7. Omg, I'm so happy. XD I've been waiting forever for them to release a normal/non-special Mary.
    8. the regulars are now in stock for everyone who wants one...I asked if they came with make up since the option isn't there...let's hope it's free ;) I'm ordering one... I might even make it a group order if anyone else wants to cut down on the shipping expenses
    9. Aw, boo.

      You had my hopes up for a new "normal" head, or something, like a new mold. (Not that there's anything wrong with Cory or Mary.)
    10. Will they be making other face sculpts to fit the bodies, then?
    11. they haven't said yet, all i know is that they won't have the spare parts for another while. I tried contacting them about the cory make up options but sean must've not understood me since he ended up telling me that instead of answering the make up options absence -_-