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New North American Representative for Dream Realm China

Apr 19, 2009

    1. Hello, everyone. My name is Lisa Lai and I am the new North American representative for Dream Realm. Anyone living in Canada or the US can browse the site, make notes of what they wish to order, and then send me an email at dreamrealmna@live.ca and we can discuss payment options when you send me a list of the items you want and your shipping/mailing address. We prefer PayPal for payment but other methods can be discussed to see if they're workable.

      A website is nearly finished being made, at which time you can browse and order directly from there, but for now, feel free to browse the international site and email me your orders.

      Here's a bit of info about myself and my husband, who both run "Dream Realm North America", taken from our website-in-progress:

      Our owner, Lisa Lai, has had over 4 years experience with BJDs and is a member of her local doll community. She's also a member of several doll discussion forums and tries to stay on top of what doll collectors are looking for but can't find and what the current trends are in BJDs. She also has the perspective of a BJD owner, understanding the joys and woes such ownership provides. Co-owner Yi Li, fluent in Mandarin Chinese, can be sure any concerns or questions you have for Dream Realm China get translated expertly and your answers make sense and are given in a timely fashion. The two together make sure that Dream Realm stays on top of the BJD market providing the kinds of products collectors want and the service they expect from a professional company.

      Yi (pronounced /EE/) and I look forward to your emails, either orders or questions! Feel free to ask questions here, as well. I'll check back frequently and reply.

      Check the Dream Realm 70cm boys... thread for pictures I posted of a full box opening of my Xiao Chi. (Link goes directly to picture link post)
    2. The site only has 70cm dolls, although there are categories for 60cm and minis. Will they be producing dolls in those sizes as well later on?
    3. Yes. They have a line of other size dolls currently only available in China, but if interest is high enough and they feel they can handle the number of orders, they will begin offering them to western collectors.
    4. Ah, ok. It seems both your links above lead to an English site with only the 70cm dolls, so I was wondering.
    5. That's because they want non-Chinese only ordering from their international site, since their product offerings and details are different. They're not ready to ship anything but their 70cms outside of China.
    6. Quick note: The main post has been edited to include a link to a Dream Realm discussion thread with pictures of my Xiao Chi box opening.
    7. Will you ship internationally too? (Im in Germany :))

      Will Dream Realm ever sell their 70cm heads alone?
      Thanks <3
    8. They don't have their 60s up on their website to be shown, and the creator doesn't really want me to go on aobut them too much since he's not yet ready to release them here. He will release them here, but I don't have any idea when. He'll post, personally, when he's ready to do that. Sorry I can't give you more than that.

      Also, I believe there's already someone selling on behalf of Dream Realm in Germany or some other part of Europe? I'm not sure. I only do North American orders and shipments.
    9. I have so been waiting for someone here to start distributing this company's doll!

      I've seen that on their dolls' pages that you are able to purchase the clothes, etc that the dolls are seen wearing (like a full set) when you buy the doll. Will you be doing that too?

      I'm asking because I've noticed not all distributers give the buyer the option to buy the full set.

      I hope this makes sense, I'm kinda rambling right now. :sweat
    10. If it's on the international website, we have access and are allowed to do it. Not to wave anything around, but I've made a point of earning the trust of their creator, Li Wei, and consider him a good friend. As such, he helps me make sure I can do my best to please all of you potential (and someday past) buyers within the scope of what he's willing to make and ship. :)

      So in short, if it's on the international site, like the shoes, eyes, and fullsets, then yes, I can take orders for it from you! =) I ordered a Xiao Chi fullset and he came with eyes, wig, and all the clothes, as well as the company faceup. So there you go!
    11. Hi there,
      Do all the orders have to go through you now or can we still buy directly off the international site? I have been planning to buy but I had another expense or two get in the way, but I do plan on definitely buying in the near future, and I just want to know the preferred way for a US person to go about it.
    12. Do you have a full length picture of the WU HEN (Full Set)?

      Will you have a fullset Rad.Coreco later on?

      What is the average prep time before shipping for a doll with a faceup?

      Thank you.
    13. Heads will be sold separately?
    14. Anyone can purchase from the international site, but Dream Realm would appreciate it if North American buyers would please purchase through us to save them the hassles of organizing the order, taking payment, etc. We do all of that for them. However, if you'd rather order from them directly, that's ok.

      Heads are not yet being sold separately. I have no information if they will or when.

      I've ordered the Wu Hen fullset, so as soon as it arrives, I'll take pictures for folks. Rad.Coreco doesn't yet come in fullset, though I agree that he should as I really like that outfit. :)

      If the doll is out of stock, it takes one month to make a new one, including giving it a faceup. I'm not sure the prep times on pre-made dolls. I'll ask and get back to you.

      Thanks to everyone for their interest. :)
    15. Hello Everyone! My name is Li Wei, a sculptor from Shenzhen, China.
      Just like everybody in this community, I love Ball Jointed Dolls. After 2 years of hard work, I created my own BJD studio and a design team called Dream Realm. We don't expect to become rich from our dolls, we joined this business because of passion. We love dolls. We would like more people to know our BJDs and enjoy them.
      I'm pleased to introduce a good friend of mine, Lisa Lai who's willing to help Dream Realm grow and become everything we, the staff of Dream Realm, and you, our fans, want in a BJD company. She and her husband Yi Li will be the official North American Representative for sales and inquiries. They will also take global orders until we can find a European Representative. (Anybody who's interested in representing Dream Realm products in Europe, please contact Lisa.)
      If you are interested in any of our products and would like to own it, please feel free to contact Lisa, We will do our best to satisfy you.
      Thank you very much!
      Li Wei
    16. Photo update!

      I'm sure many people would like to know the basic dimensions of a Dream Realm doll. A picture was made giving all those dimensions. Warning for doll nudity!


      As well, Li Wei has created and released a version 2 body! The flexibility and design are much improved over the version 1 body, but if for some reason you prefer the version 1 body, please say so in your order and I'll see if he's going to still make them.


      And last but not least, a direct comparison of Dream Realm pink skin versus Dream Realm white skin, so you can decide which one you'd prefer.


      I hope these pictures give you a clearer idea of Dream Realm and encourage you to order. :)
    17. Thank you for your confidence in us, Li Wei! We really appreciate it! *hug!*

      As Li Wei said above, I can take orders from throughout the world until other parts of the world get their own representatives. Just remember, I only speak English fluently and Spanish badly. ;D

      As for heads, we're doing pricing now and will soon be able to offer them to the market.

      Rad.Coreco and Black Crow's photo outfits won't be offered as fullsets, unfortunately, due to problems manufacturing them. Just the blue Xiao Chi and red Wu Hen outfit are available.

      When I ordered Xiao Chi Li Wei didn't have any pre-made, so from the time of molding/casting/making my fullset doll to it arriving, was a little over a month. I don't know how long it would take if the blank doll was already in stock. The time of shipping/arriving from the moment he told me he'd posted it in the mail was around 1 week. Things can change with the economy and political climate on how your particular package is handled in the mail, but he is prompt in sending you your order and always includes a tracking number so you feel safer about your doll.

      Keep the questions coming, folks!
    18. Okay, sorry for this stupid question =P
      When we from europe want to order, should we order from http://vague8.com/zen/? or should we rather talk to you Bishounen_Hideto?

      Sorry, I'm tired and easily confused
    19. For now, order directly from me. If you or anyone you know would like to be come a European represenative, please let me know and I'll work something out between you/whomever and Li Wei. Think people in Europe should have someone there to help the German-speaking, French-speaking, etc-speaking folks to order more naturally and smoothly.

      And someone asked what eye-size they are. They naturally were 16mm eyes. They look really good in them, if you look at the closeup of my Xiao Chi in my photo list. You could put other sizes but 16 just seem so perfect for them. :)
    20. Lisa, if we order through you, will the doll be sent first to you, or will it be sent directly to the buyer? One of the things stopping me from ordering earlier was that only DHL or UPS shipping was offered and I would want my doll sent via the postal system.