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Update New Official Price of Demon Garden Dolls >> price adjust from July 1st, 2009

Jun 2, 2009

    1. Dear Customers,

      Thanks for your support!
      Since July 1st,2008,Demon Garden Dolls was sold 1 year,popularize time is over.So we will adjust the price.
      From July 1st,2009 (GMT +8) we will increase the price .

      The Official retail price will become:
      :daisy1/3 Boy doll's BODY (Normal-yellow/White/Pink): 245USD (not include shipping cost)
      :daisy1/3 Boy Doll (Basil/Beau/Derek): 300USD (not include shipping cost)

      If you have any questions,please contact us.

      Thanks a lot!
      Best wishes!

      DG dolls
    2. Will the price of the other dealer (happyhouse) also increase or is it just the eBay store?
    3. Of course!
      Other dealer also increase.
      This price is official retail price other dealer retail price mustn't low than this price.

      DG dolls

    4. Hi^^New Official retail price is permanent.
    5. Free Canvas Shoes Event has been concluded! Thanks everyone^_^

      DG dolls
    6. Dear Guest:

      Because eBay "list" system have a problem,so our ebay store maybe couldn't sell within 3days.
      We were contacted eBay,the problem was got solved.^_^
      If you want buy our dolls now,please contact lichao7541.student@sina.com
      We will used Paypal sell with send the Paypal invoice.
      It is the same safe!Don't worry!
      Office Price before July 1st,2009:
      :daisy1/3 Boy Doll's BODY: 195USD
      :daisy1/3 Boy Doll (Basil/Beau/Derek): 300USD Gifts & Free Shipping!

      Thank you very much!
      DG dolls
    7. When will Demon Garden have its next Sale???

      I want another DG body but I can't pay an increased price.

    8. Hi^ ^
      Now we are geting ready for the new sale list!
      We will sale at next week!
      If want to buy now,you also could contact : lichao7541.student@sina.com
      DG dolls

    9. What? This week I buy my doll because you said in ebay that your price was increase after 1st july.....now you said is coming a new sale????
    10. Hi~There
      It is mean ,Now we are get ready for the new price list,our new doll won't coming this time.