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New option hands from Dollmore - long nails!

Feb 25, 2009

    1. nuh! o__o <3
      dammit... what size dolls would these fit? <3

      I can probably avoid them though... if they don't come in white resin.. ¬.¬
    2. 'Adam' is their 'youth Dollmore' dolls. Height of 62cm, so your normal SD size.

      Circumference of wrist : 5.5cm
    3. I've been thinking of picking up any long nailed option hands I can find so this is cool. I'll wait and see if they are released in white skin but I'll figure out who they'll fit when get here. Maybe I'll get white and normal skin. :chocoheart
    4. ah! than-you! o.o <3 I was having trouble with their site, so this is quite helpful ^^
      I DO hope they come out in white resin... either that or maybe I should snag a couple of extra normal hands an' try to mod 'em o.O;

      Twigling: those are interesting o.o they're the right color, but the nails are too blunt and the hands themselves are a little too young ^^ they're be good for an exotic chinese Count D type character though, especially differently painted.
    5. I already have plans to get the Dolkot hands. :) I was lucky enough to pick up the limited Lati boy hands with the long nails and it sort of started this idea that I'd try to find more. I love Onyx's nails too.

      I wonder if I should ask Dollmore if they plan to make white, I usually just wait and see.