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New Optional Hound Parts at Tensiya & Tanned Hound IM

Nov 11, 2005

    1. :D
      no probs :D I was trying to mail my group and hear at the same time and my server is so slow tonight its dreadfull , I didnt think my post had shown at all

      Im so pleased I can get H his SA head next year :grin:
    2. Tanned hound IM is really awesome! :D I love his angry brows...and he's not smiling, like the other Hound molds. Hmmm...
    3. OOOO i like him....if only i could get that money tree to start growing!!!!
    4. it is unusual for me to say this but i do find tanned hound IM very adorable *squee*
    5. oooo, do you think there'll be a normal-skinned IM Hound coming up? I'd flip for one! Love the frown <3
    6. <== has ordered one of them

      o well i think his browns are so EVIL

      perfect for my Evil character...
    7. He certainly is... impressive :lol:
    8. I mean this in the nicest way possible since I have come to adore Hound, but the IM eyebrows don't make me think scary or mean so much as.... well, to use a yaoi fandom term... they make him look like a big uke.

      And that just makes him cuter.
    9. he reminds me more of seme....

      oh well :D

      he shall alwayz remind me of my dad who gets angry very easily...
    10. Is his brow molded into "angry eyes" mode? It looks like it to me.

      Well,he's interesting, I'll give him that. hehe
    11. I wonder if this new expression will be made availible in normal and white skin tones also.
      Still, even in this tanned version, it is gorgeous. The brows give him an intent look...like a guardian would have.
    12. erm -

      this might be a strange question, but will the hound head fit on another body? like a delf or volks? i'm not concerned about resin colour, but while i love cerberus(my tanned hound) i do find him a bit big and gangly... and would kinda like to have another hound, but if the head fits on another body(hoping luts, i love luts bodies!) that would be perfect!

      sorry for the non IM hound question :lol:
    13. The neck hole is way too big to sit properly on any other body without major modifications. I've tried putting Bermann's head on an SD13 body and I was figuring that you'd have to fill in the hole with epoxy and reshape the entire area. Not impossible but quite an undertaking.
    14. thanks for the info! i will definitely have to think about it - tho i might do it fi the neck hole is the only problem (meaning that the head doesn't look stupid/wrong on the smaller body)
    15. The proportions aren't bad, but if you want to see pics of the neck hole difference PM me and I'll send them to you. I think a CP body would be too small for him but an SD13 might be good.
    16. NICE!! :grin:

      I love that Tensiya is offering body parts and other goodies. This is just great!! *bounces* :grin: