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New or Second Hand For your First Doll

Oct 18, 2010

    1. Been mulling this over and was looking for opinions.

      Is it better to buy new/direct from the company for your first doll or better to buy second hand? On the one hand, new is, well, new but then you have to deal with the long wait and on the other hand second hand is not bad since most people keep their dolls in great shape, and you can find them in your own country so long shipping can be avoided.

      Anyone have any ideas or experience with the subject?
    2. I saving for my first, and I would prefer to buy a second hand doll by the wait time and eventual problems (like customs ;_;), mainly if the seller live in my country...
      But, my problem is: I want The Doll, not one doll... I'm in love with Zaoll Luv for months ago... And would be "unusual" find one in the percurse :P
    3. I buy them second hand
      faster, contact with people and what goes better then I like the adoption <3.
      m also avoids the long months of waiting for customs charges etc..
      And its a new life for a little doll <3
    4. I guess it would depend on the person, or the doll, or whatever. Mine will be first hand. But other people can get their dolls wherever they want.
    5. I bought my first doll new - I wasn't a member of DoA at the time, so the MP wasn't an option. I think it was nice to have the experience of opening a shiny new doll all of my own, and dealing with a wonderful, professional company like Luts was a perfect introduction to the hobby. That said, I have since bought more from the MP than from companies, and have had excellent experiences with sellers and love my Dollstown girl just as much as if I had bought her new!!
    6. I got my first doll brand spankin' new. :3 My second's body is second hand. My only warning is that things don't always go smoothly when getting a second hand doll, and you should be careful to check the feedback thread of the person you plan to order from. Getting a doll brand new means you will probably get the box, certificates, etc. But if you go second hand these things may not be included. :3 It's up to you, it's the meaning of the doll that counts - not where you got it from.
    7. My first doll was from the marketplace :3 And though most of the others are new from the company, I try to buy secondhand when possible. It's convenient, and for the most part the prices and customs are very reasonable ;D
    8. My first doll is secondhand, currently on layaway with her seller in the marketplace. She's exactly the doll I was planning to order and I get her sooner than if I'd ordered her new.
    9. I bought my first doll second hand he was a Bobobie Weylan and I still love him to death, I have bought first hand dolls as well. first hand is sometimes a really long wait, but like it was said before you really have to watch out with some sellers of second hand dolls. I bought one that was modded so badly that i'm now trying to find a replacement head for him. I only knew of one mod done to the doll, and when I tried to take off some of the face up I saw that his face was fully blushed to hide the damage :( I love him to death any way so I'm not go sell him off just because of some damage, I'm actually thinking about sending him out to get a new look, maybe I can find someone who is good at modding to fix him up a bit. Sadly that is the price you pay getting a second hand doll. there are also places like Junkyspot and Denver doll, stores outside of the main factory that have New dolls in the country your in. and many have Layaway! that is always a perk for me at least. they say to each there own, but I really like getting second hand dolls, yes there is more risk but sometime you can get the doll of your dreams, I just got a Vampire Lu-Wen, with his eyes modded open and wow, I couldn't ask for a more beautiful doll! and because he was second hand and modded made him even more special to me!
      sorry for my ramble lol but yea no sleep for me!
    10. My first three dolls are new, direct from the doll companies
      but if I can find the doll that I really want and is still in a good condition I would buy it second hand... ^^
    11. My first was purchased directly from the company, or more from two companies, since he's a hybrid. But my second I got from the MP only shortly after placing my other orders and both experiences were just as nice.
      However, nowadays I often prefer the second hand market, mainly because of where I live. When I was still in the US, customs obviously didn't bother me, now, back in Europe though, they do ^^' so it's nice to be able to avoid the sometimes pretty steep custom fees in my country when dealing with a seller within the EU.
      Just a general tendency though, in the end it all comes down to the doll itself and where it's available and for how much.
    12. This definitely varies person to person.

      All of my current dolls were purchased new, including my first. That doesn't mean I wouldn't have considered purchasing second-hand, especially if my first dream doll had been a limited or out-of-production sculpt.
    13. I made the decision to go with a second hand doll for my first...it saves me the agonizing wait, and saves me a little money. She's exactly what I wanted. I don't like worrying about customs fees and things like that, so I feel that for any future dolls I'll probably scour the second hand market first, and then turn to new dolls if I can't find what I want. You just have to do your research with second hand sellers and make sure you've found someone honest.
    14. I bought all my BJDs first handed ;)
      I don't really mind the wait after the ordering, as long as I know I'm going to have the doll in like 2 months time...lol and I wanted them so badly that I don't want to wait until someone actually puts the same sculpt on sale!
      in fact, I actually like the company's default face up on the sculpts I want too! so my option was to get them all directly from the company :)
    15. Wow, I didn't expect so many responses so quickly. Thanks for the information so far and glad to see all of the different suggestions and opinions and such. I'm going to start scouring the marketplace to see what I can find.
    16. I think it really depends on the doll you want to get.
      If its something more common like luts or fairyland, I think its much better to buy them second hand. Less of a wait time, etc. I personally bought my first doll directly from the company for two reasons: One he is an uncommon mold, and I'm one of the Four-five people who own him, so no one would be selling him anyway; and two, I just like the idea of getting a new doll made just for me; I also had to order a bunch of wigs anyway so why not order them from the same company?
    17. Well, I went firsthand for my first doll; a Soom Mixi. I bought her back in September, so I'm still waiting. =3
      I'm glad I went firsthand, but I definitely wouldn't rule out a used for a first doll. If it hadn't been for the fact that Mixi was a bit of an impulse buy, I might have gone secondhand with my first. I had been saving up for a different doll when Mixi came along and bowled me over. X3
    18. My first was new, but if there had been one available in the marketplace second hand I think I would have jumped on it. Of my 5 dolls, 3 were new, and 2 second hand. If I were in the market for something really specific, like a doll that was a limited edition or less popular, I'd have no problem getting one new. I like the "hunt" in the marketplace and getting to give a doll a new home. I spent a long time looking for my first MSD and went back and forth between buying new or second hand. I had it narrowed down to 4 dolls I was interested in owning and when I came across my girl in the MP, I knew she was the one for me. Plus, her previous owner was selling her with a whole wardrobe practically and wigs as well, so for a first time MSD owner it was a perfect situation.
    19. I was saving up for my first to buy new until I randomly searched the MP for a different doll and luckily there was one. So a few e-mails later I put him on short layaway and he was home! My second boy is new and my third on its way is new but I dont mind buying second hand, just depends on the doll ^^
    20. My first was second hand from the marketplace. She came with a wig and a beautiful dress. New is nice, but secondhand is usually quicker (unless you buy instock from Junkyspot or Denverdoll). My second doll was new and I had to wait 3 months for her, she is wonderful too, but that was quite a wait. both ways to buy are good, just get the doll you really want. The best of all worlds would be new instock at Junkyspot, then the doll would be new and get to you quickly.