New Orientdoll Vampire Ji Special

Jul 13, 2006

    1. bwahaha - I LOVE her :>

      She reminds me of moggie61's signature.... cute but kinda evil hehehe

      ok, that's done it, she is next on my list... alice will be paid off next week, then its on to Ji.... ipsae and saint will just have to wait an extra week, GOT to have this cutie :>

      Seek peace

      who STILL adores your masked rattie avatar
    2. SO CUTE! I didn't think I liked the vampire type at first, but now THIS is adorable. Color me conflicted. Ji is so cute... now I have to decide which to set aside money for- normal or vampire!
    3. Aww thanks, thats Tsuki no Nezumi one of the mice I hand-raised when they were only one week old. He has unfortunately moved on, but I made the avatar a long time ago.

      Anyway, the Ji Vampire are very cute! You will have to get one, to be a model for new clothes TristenCitrine =)
    4. mousie?? *dies of cuteness* sorry to hear he has crossed the rainbow bridge.. its a problem with meeces - absolutely gorgeous, horrendously short life span :< I had one siamese that made it to 2 years and 7 months.. we called her mrs methuselah.. one of my ratties was 4 years and 5 months when he crossed the bridge.. that was MR Methuselah, but he spent the lst 9 months blind and bald poor baby - he was still happy though :>

      I looked on the site, and without make up the heads are only $38.... get a special and the extra head at the same time.... save shipping and get the best of both worlds!

      Seek peace

    5. I used to raise and show orange long haired silky mice; they were so cute! I miss them...

      I have a Ji vamp boy and I ordered him a sister, the 1st vamp Ji special, which hopefully should arrive my way on Monday. :::excited::: I am not too fond of yellow, so I am hoping the dress is not as bright as it looks. I ordered her the cute pink dress too.
    6. oh, I have black and white long hairs at the moment :> and a few siamese and tigers, and one lone black otter (black with a white tummy)

      I started the fancy rat and mouse club in my state many years ago, and thanks to the help of some fabulous american and swedish friends, we got judges, show schedules, the whole lot, now there are rats and mice at the royal shows, which are the equivalent of state fairs... ok, that was enough off topic, I promise not to mention mice or ratties again.. sorry mods...

      looking forward to seeing pics of your girl.... did you order them with or without makeup??? I am fairly confident of my face up skills, but these are SO small that they scare me a bit in that department.. not that they need a LOT of work... but ... stilll.. does that make sense???

      What clothes did you put on your boy?? how about accessories (wigs etc)

      Seek peace

    7. Is tat the cutest thing or what? AVampire in a polka dot dress!

    8. Love them mousies... I used to have two blue rats too, that I rescued from the snake food section of the petshop... It's been about 11 years now... I really miss them... My oldest cat I am sure misses them too; they were great entertainment for her and her sister (miss her too).

      I ordered my Ji's without make up; I just couldn't justify $40 for two strokes of paint!
      It's really easy to paint a tiny like this; pink paint in the eye rim and lips, then brown coloured pencil around the outside of the eye rim and for the eyebrows and freckles if you want them and lastly a bit of blush from your own purse and seal. Tada! Less than 10 minutes and you're done. I put eyelashes on mine, which took longer than the whole face up did! LOL

      I put a PF size Noir de Rome nighty on my boy and it's huge on him. Nothing fits these little darlings! He's wearing a Volk's WTG wig, which fits just right, though not snug. His eyes are glass. I love this little guy! I've had other tinies that I sold cause they were just not quality in my opinion. Only Ji compares to my beloved Pocket Fairies in quality and sturdiness (I have 7). You can see pictures of Ji and some of my PF (need to take a new photo) in their respective databases.
    9. I loved those mice, I was really shocked all 9 babies survived, they were a week or less old when their mom died. The boys lived roughly a year, which is good since they were hand-raised.

      I'm getting the special version Vampired Ji 1 as well. I saw the pink Country Road dress become avalible again and was really tempted to get it but decided not to. Then I saw your post Noriko, and was kinda happy I didnt b/c then we woulda had like the exact same doll =) When did you get your shipping notice? I looked at my eLuts shipping notice for my first girl and I got it on a Tues/Weds and she came on Friday(estimate said Monday). I got my notice for my Ji on Weds/Thurs so I'm hoping maybe Saturday, but keeping my hopes to Tuesday so I dont get disappointed.

      Thats good to hear about them being good quality and sturdiness. I was kinda worried that for the price you wouldnt be getting as good a product since it seems that Tinies are rather expensive. I cant wait til she gets here I hope she tells me her name. What have you named yours?