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New outfits at Musedoll

Mar 3, 2006

    1. I like those! Do they ship internationally? How do you order???
    2. Hmm... And how do you order if the link on how to order doesn't work?
    3. Who is that beautiful girl with the open mouth modeling the SD-sized Baby Baby outfit?? She has the Musedoll/Ciel/Re-Che look . . . waiiiii, too much prettiness!!

      -- A <3
    4. I have heard Muse doll is working on a new head, so maybe that girl is the new girl!
      She's very pretty, except for I usually dont like dolls with open mouth...:aeyepop:

      edit: vocab mistake
    5. Is that Ciel on a MSD body? Or what?

      I think it must be the new head.
    6. THose outfits are fantastic. I would like the Layered pink look one.. but I have a doubt about the price. You can order it in different sizes? Or the three different prices available are referred to the fact that you can order only some part of the dress?
    7. From my last order experience, you can order just the dress or the full set. For example, the L.pink's full set price is 77,000won, so the jacket is 45,000won, then the scarf and the dress is 35,000won. Ps: I might be mistake the jacket and the dress's price, check before you order. ^^: And I think they only make L.pink in SD13's size, but I have never ask visavis about this question. lol If anyone knows the answer, please let us know! I hope I helped a bit.
    8. Has anyone been in touch with Visavis lately? I've e-mailed her about ordering a couple of days ago, but haven't heard back yet... I hope it's only because she's busy with the head order...
    9. I got an email from her yesterday after inquiring about ordering. She sent me a link with the price breakdown for the outfits.

    10. I've received an order confirmation as well as payment confirmation from Sienna yesterday so hopefully everyone will hear soon :)

      Anyone have any idea whether she places bulk orders with mythdoll or if she does individual orders for everyone? I didn't want to bug her.
    11. I emailed her yesterday again and I got my repy today...
      Could it be your e-mail system is being bounced back?
      Have you checked your spam box??

      On a side note, I asked Visavis, and the model of the Layered Pink look is indeed a modified Ciel..... :)
      I just checked teh site, and the head is no longer for sale....
    12. Will those boy clothes fit DoTs you think?
    13. first i want to make it clear that my transaction has been going well - but i am curious how long it will take to confirm my payment? i sent her the money only a couple of days ago, so i'm not worried yet (as i know she's very busy with other things)
    14. does the clothings also fits luts dolls?
    15. bumping this up because i have a question -

      i was wondering if any one has heard about their outfits that were ordered? i'm figuring things are just delayed, but i'm curious if any one knows how long they might be delayed.

    16. Actually I was wondering if anyone has heard from her. I sent another order to her to add to my existing order, and I haven't heard anything. Not too worried since I know it will take a while, just wanted to keep in touch :)
    17. I just heard from Sienna yesterday. She emailed me to say that my outfits have been shipped, and she gave me an EMS tracking number. I can't wait until the outfits arrive. :)