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New owner - Is SD size intimidating?

Feb 23, 2006

    1. Hi guys!!
      I have one DoC Tender Too that I just got last week, and he's so nice and snuggly-sized.
      I admit that I'm turned off by SD-sized...well, in my mind at least. They sound big and scary and intimidating. Anyone else have these fears? I've never seen one in real life, so I hope that it's all in my head so that I can expand my selection of molds to choose from ~
      Also, I want to get a pouty-boy that looks like our deary:
      I really like Camine, but I'm not sure if he's pathetic-looking enough...
      Thanks guys!!!! :D
    2. I don't think they're intimidating ^^ and for the pouty look I'd customize a DS Husky
    3. I really think you may want to look into the 60cm Narin boy .. his face seems in IMO to be a great match for Cloud. Here's the addy to their website.
    4. Oooh.. I could NEVER get a hound/husky/other like that, because those molds really frighten me... ^_^;;
    5. don't worry! Before I got into bjd's, I was(and still am!)always carrying my plushies..soft, 30 cm, thin self made plushies with a round head and only two eyes as facial features..^^; I thought perhaps that bjd, expecially the 60 cm ones would be intimidating, they're so heavy and big..but don't worry, it's not bad at all :D actually, they're not really heavy, more like a soft weight in your arms..and everything on them is so fine, like those little fingers and that little nose..they really don't seem so big ^^ expecially when they're sitting ^^I don't know what it would be like next to a msd..but I don't find them big or intimidating at all ^^

      And I agree with Narin as Cloud, he's perfect :D
    6. I wanted to start with MSD sized dolls because I thought I couldn't handle SD sized ones.. Then it juts so happens that all of the heads I fall in love with are SD sized.. I think if you find a sculpt you like, go for it, no matter the size.

      Pretty much, size doesn't matter ^_~

    7. Countless guys would like to hear you say size doesn't matter XD
      ANYWAY, I feel the same @_@ I don't know if I can handle an SD-sized boy right NOW, but maybe down the path, when I get used to my MSD boy, go to a few swap meets and see other SD's... I'll go for it >3 I have to admit that I like the SD facemolds better; they're bigger, have more detail, and are less babyfaced. At the same time, it seems difficult to bring them in public places because of the size >_> Without carrying a doll in my arms and looking like a weirdo...
    8. Hmm...well I have a SA Bermann and they are 68cm tall.
      So yeah he is big in size, but he is so small in detail, that it makes him look smaller than he really is.

      So I have to say, 60/70 cm dolls are NOT intimidating whatsoever, I couldn't imaging my live without my sweet "little" Kaoru :aheartbea *luvies*

      And about the Cloud look-a-like...I think a dollshe doll might work best...and I think a Hound IM White or Normal skin would work very well [See LUTS or Tensiya for Hound IM pictures]...or maybe even a SA/DO Bermann, if you want to risk your heart and money for a limited [type Kaoru in the search for his photos ^_^].


      P.S. LUTS Hound IM White skinned:

    9. (The situation is totally reverse for me -- I like hugging SDs. I find minis too small to hug.)

      I think you should get yourself to the nearest dollmeet and try and handle (with permission!!) somebody's doll. There's nothing like holding one to tell you if you'll really like it or if you'll find it intimidating or cumbersome or just plain heavy.

      Sorry, I'm not good at matching heads... but I would be chiefly worried about the body, since Cloud has got very nice muscles... and no, I wouldn't say a Hound either, because a hound is too skinny. I would put down an SD16 for the body, but the head is smiling too much.

      Another option would be to do a cute chibi Cloud and go with a pouty-faced mini. Once you give him shocking blue eyes and stick that chocobo/pumpkin hair on him he'll be recogniseable as Cloud all right!
    10. I like MSD size much, much better! The reason why I got my first doll is I wanted to take artistic nude photos but taking of myself is currently illegal (hahaha!) And at the time there weren't ANY affordable or well known adult-proportioned minis. Even the headmolds I fell for were MSD sized -_-

      I love Juniper, but I wish I could get a shrink-ray to make her MSD size, or at the very least the size of some of the smallish Korean BJDs. Then again, Juniper is an oldskin SD which is a lot bigger and bulkier than many other BJD brands.
    11. Narin all the way :)
    12. I wish I could be around some of these dolls in person before I pick which one I want... In my mind I am attracted to MSD size, but at the same time, many of the faces I like are in SD size, and there are way more SD dolls to choose from! So I just don't know... the bigger size I do sort of find intimidating, but I would have to see one for myself to be sure, I think. :)
    13. Maybe it's because we've never even seen them..? @_@;; I have a panic attack just THINKING about how big they are...
    14. I'd mod a sleeping el. Make his face rounder, his nose shorter, and open the eyes (but they'd still be narrower than normal el)
    15. SD's are really not so much bigger... Not enough to be scary, anyway. And they're still definitely small enough to be a comfortable snuggle-size.

      Here... I'll prove it. ;)
      This is my cuddlebug, Harumatsu, in his usual position. I took this about half a minute ago.


      Harumatsu is a 60cm CP Shiwoo, and he's snuggled up quite comfotably in the crook of my arm. I'm only 5'2... I'm not a tall person with long arms... and he still fits right there perfectly. :D
    16. When I first got into BJD I sort of felt the same way, and wanted to stick to MSD size as that was more comparable to the Fashion Dolls I was used to. Then I got a couple of SD sized dolls, and they just seemed to be a really nice size, and in a way I liked them more than my MSD sized. Then I got Hound, and by that point I was so used to SD sized, that I was actually surprised he wasn't even bigger than he is. I expected him to be HUGE. LOL

      I also agree that 60 CM Narin looks like a good match for you for your character.
    17. I'm going to put in my vote for Narin too. Plus, he comes in both SD and Mini size, so either way he's a great option!
    18. Hiya

      I started out with MSD size dolls.. then took the plunge and bought a Chiwoo and Soo special... Id never seen a big doll in the resin so to speak.. and have to say was nervous.. but they arrived and wham they hooked me.. and I dont find them intimedzating at all tho thought i may, infact I now prefer them to the small ones, and I have tinies to.. and anyone will tell a hug from a SD size is amazing lol...

      Hugs Maz
    19. You know when I first decided to finally buckle under and get myself a BJD after years and years of admiring other peoples' I puzzled over whether to get the 27cm, 43cm, or 60cm size for awhile. I was worried too that 60cm would be too much to handle especially when I found out that 60cm is about 2 feet. -_-

      I think what changed my mind was when I saw the Tanned El from Lutz which was perfect for my Yaksha, so Antimony and myself scraped together the money and bought one. When he arrived and we opened the box, it was love! :aheartbea

      Honestly, I think it will be a change from what you're used to but the 60cm are definitely not too much to handle nor are they particularily heavy or anything like that. Plus, there are a lot more expressive face molds to choose from in my experience - lol, though I am rather taken by Luts EL for my boys...oh well. :sweat