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New pattern book by volks*on ebay!!*

Dec 4, 2004

    1. Dont know if this is old news or not(new to me) there is a volume 3 of the pattern books on the Volks site. Gorgeous picture on the cover!

      Edit...its on ebay now!
    2. holds head in hands !
      not enough cash to go around LOL
      were can I see it ?
    3. Does anyone know what the ISBN # is?
    4. I don't think there is an ISBN no. I tried to get the second pattern book through Kinokuniya and they couldn't find a trace of it. If it's the same situation, it might be a case of in-house publishing and not a general type release publication. You might only be able to get it through Volks.
    5. Okay WHOOOO wants to make me this little grunge witch outfit for Jeremiah Blue?? Lower left hand side!!! :grin:
    6. just BIN-ed...so excited...while I do not have an MSD (only an Unoa)
      Sher... I love the grungie witch outfit and will make it for sure!
    7. HOOP-DE-DOOO!! I used BIN to get it a few days ago...it should be here soooonn!!!!

      Can't wait. :grin:


    8. Oh yeah, NEVER bid on something when the seller has the same item in their storefront for the starting bid!!!! Poor judgement. Store stuff doesn't show up...you have to read the item description and go look at the sellers store.
      One of their little tricks.

    9. Anyone who has this or any of the other volks books...

      are the instructions pictoral? Like they are in the Goth/Loli bible? Or is it like listed instructions in Japanese, and basically you are left to decipher what piece goes to what ensemble... and then how they work together?

      Thanks in advance!

    10. They're pictorial, not too hard to work out whats going on. :grin:

      *Has the second*
    11. Awww! Aww the BINs are gone! ;_; I hope she restocks!!
    12. AAAAH ~_~ Gomen!

      I snagged the last one! There were two left...and then when I came home from work... it was down to one, so I just threw caution to the wind and bought it! *hugs* I'm sure they will be back in stock soon :)
    13. I definitely just went total impulse and bought one. There goes $43 that could've went to presents. xDD;
    14. Clarification:
      The patterns in these Volks books are *actual*? You wouldn't need to enlarge them or anything like that. Correct?
    15. I saw in the description that the 3rd Book of Volks Patterns was actual size, meaning no enlarging is neccessary. What about the other 2? Also, I see a few MSD patterns in the 3rd, but do the 1st and 2nd have them as well?
    16. I have the second and all it's patterns are to scale and there are two MSD patterns I believe.

      I am sure the first book has to-scale patterns as well. :grin: