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Update New patterns for Narsha and Tiny BJD's

Jan 14, 2010

    1. Just want to let Narsha lovers know I have 2 new patterns for her. One is a little denim jacket and skirt the other a knit dress.


      My tiny's have a new/old look too! I was inspired by the 20's so this little coat and hat are right out of 1925


      I hope you like them
    2. Will there ever be patterns for the tiny boys?

      I like working with your patterns and have thought of adapting some of the tiny girl patterns for my tiny boys, but it's not really ideal... :)
    3. I would love to add some for tiny boys, but since the bodies are the same I am sure you can adjust. Boys and girls patterns for real people are the same except for styling. The pants should fit just fine, not that you can do much with the dresses. I will try to do a jacket for them soon, then all you will have to do is reverse the buttons.
      I just don't have it in my budget to get a tiny boy.