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New Phantomdolls Michael & Raziel!

Jul 6, 2005

    1. Oh, I really like Raziel! :love Thanks for keeping us updated on these tiny little angels, Lia!
    2. You're so welcome, shinibun! I've been stalking the site like a madwoman, just waiting for these two to be released! They're limited to only 10 each this time!

    3. Oh they look so small! :D
    4. They're 22 cm, musesick, so they're around 8.5" tall. Here's a comparison pic of my phantomdolls and my Elfdoll, who's 14cm.


      I just love 'em!
    5. Yep--and when you get there, be sure to click on "Phantom's Soldiers" in the left nav bar, then on "Angel's List" in the image map. Otherwise it's a little bit of a rollercoaster to try and find them!

    6. They're cute, but their torso's seem awfully box-like. I'm glad I'm not in lust.
    7. Cuties! I love the pic with the Licca doll for scale :) They're soo small!
    8. Raziel is adorable. Are they only available through auction?
    9. Not at all! Phantom has an order board, and you just inquire there. Phantom is *really* great about getting back to you quickly, and she speaks English quite well. If the dolls aren't sold out, you can just send her a bank transfer, and once she tells you she's reserved a doll for you, your order is good to go and you can make payment! I ordered the first two phantomdolls, Anael and Samael, in May, and Phantom really made everything as painless as possible for me. It was a learning experience, since it was her first international order, but everything went as smooth as silk!

    10. Ahhh, Michael is _gorgeous_. I wish they were bigger.

      Zoi's bank account: No, you don't.

      Zoi: ^^:;;
    11. OT, but....

      **will never get over the total bootyness of the Elfdoll body** *_*