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NEW PICS! Tanned Resin 43cm Yan & Yisol from Supia, Dreaming Roda Ordering now open

Mar 12, 2007

    1. Tanned Yan and Yisol now available from Supia Dolls!

      Next ordering period will be in late July 2007. Please watch for updates on our info page, here


      By DOA member request.. new photos of the Tanned Yan and Yisol girls
      This is Yisol, 43cm girl in Tanned urethane resin, facepainting by Supia artist Yu Jin Kim. This girl is so beautiful and looks quite a bit like Yu Jin actually...


      And this is tanned MiniSup Yan, 43cm girl painted by her creator, Yu Jin Kim of Supia

      They are a deep tanned color in regular urethane resin, and can be painted
      for you by Yu Jin Kim, artist of Supia Doll Korea.

      And Introducing "Dreaming Roda"
      .....the new version of 58cm Roda from Supia of Korea


      Dreaming Roda will be available as either a full doll, or as an optional head
      for current Roda owners. The cost per optional head is $220

      You can order Dreaming Roda in either pinky white or alabaster white French resin.

      Open-eyed Roda is also available for sale in addition to these new offerings. She is not available as an optional head at this time.

      Here are some pictures of the exhibition Rodas and a Yisol from the FreeMarket. These one of a kind dolls have been styled by Supia and have arrived here in the US. After being seen in Paris, they will return to the US and can be seen at conventions with us.



      This is a one of a kind Roda, styled by Yu Jin of Supia.


      Here is the Roda discussion thread. If you go to the end of the thread, we are starting to discuss Dreaming Roda:
    2. Introducing Tanned Yan and Tanned Yisol... hope you like them.
    3. What are the odds of a tanned Roda happening, dyou think? :D
    4. At this point, she prefers the look of Roda in French resin. The minisupias are still made from either French resin or your choice of beauty white, normal beige or tanning urethane resin. Her urethane resin has a smooth creamy matte texture to it. It's very nice!

    5. Do you have more photos of Tanned Yan and Yisol ?
    6. I have asked Supia to send me better photos of the tanned dolls, but she is busy finishing the painting for and boxing up the Roda order : - ) So all we have are some photos taken at Korea FreeMarket 22, where Supia had a large display.

      SO here is another photo I have of Yan, but it's not very good. Still you can see this is a darker tan. And I think it suits her well! Underneath the tanned girl, you can see examples of the beauty white and pinky white resin MiniSups, and they are considerably lighter ... so hope you like her in Tan!
    7. Do you know is dreaming Roda will be a standard doll or limited? I'm not sure if I want to get her this time, but if she's not coming back around I better!
    8. Yeah, my Supia60 is regular urethane, it's gorgeous. I can't wait to see the two of them together. I guess I can still hope for a tanned Roda in the future! :)
    9. Dollyholic- When the new tan dolls start arriving at your shop will you take some resin comparison pics for us with Supia's other colors?
    10. No Fun Angie: They are not limited in the usual sense but in a practical sense: since they are made by one person there is only a small number we can offer every month.

      Jerrysugarav: I will take some photos when they arrive. I'm still hoping she will send me more photos later this week.

      A lot of people have been PM'ing me about the dreaming head. I only have two photos, so I took some photos here this afternoon of the doll Supia sent me. This is the first Dreaming Roda she casted, and it's the same one in the photos she sent. Anyway, if you'd like to see them in the Gallery, I have them here:

      She is really lovely to photograph and has so many moods.



    11. Bump for DOA member request! Yu Jin just sent new close up photos of her tanned MiniSup girls, Yan and Yisol.

      Aren't they gorgeous?

    12. :? These arnt going to be limited are they?
    13. No they are not limited, but orders only come every six weeks or so.
    14. Oh wow those are gorgeous! Thanks for the pics. Does Yan have a seperate tooth part? I knew her mouth was open but I hadn't noticed the tooth part in other pics.
    15. Oh, no. I think my bank account just fainted. :lol:

      Yisol is :aheartbea! I meant to ask, what size are the Minisup's eyes?
    16. Gorgeous! Will these tanned girls be able to be sanded?

      Thanks! :D
    17. Jerry- Yisol has a closed mouth, with no tooth part inside the head.

      toveb- Thanks for the nice comments on Yisol. She has a very Asian look and I feel the tanning skin makes her even more interesting and customizable for new characters. Her eye size is the usual 11/12 mm.

      Denaliwind-- for tanned urethane dolls it's generally not advised to sand them. I will ask Supia to do a test for me soon. But from what I've heard, only French resin tanned dolls are sandable.

      Thanks for the nice comments everyone! It was so fun to open my email last night and find these photos. I think Supia painted and styled these two just for you to see them in tanned skin. Glad you like them.
    18. I think Jerry asked about Yan, not Yisol. :)
    19. Sorry about that-- Yan does have a separate inner tooth plate. Yisol is closed mouth.
    20. I'd very much appreciate finding out from Supia about this as well.

      I just need clarification if this answer was for the tanned beauties?

      Are there any photos of Yisol without faceup?

      thank you!