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New picture of Cutie Delf Mary @ eLuts main page

Jan 5, 2005

    1. http://eluts.com

      She looks a LOT better than the one on Y!J last week... She's still not my cup of tea, but I like her much better with the minimal makeup ^_^
    2. She does look better! I also like this wig and eye combo better than what she comes with when you buy her.. those very, very dark eyes do not suit her as well, IMO.
    3. Was going to post it yesterday. Anyways, here she is.

    4. *points* All I see is Chiwoo T_T
    5. She reminds be of a cabbage patch kid *_*
    6. In what way?

      None of her proportions are anything like Cabbage Patch dolls.

      They have small eyes set fairly close together, heads that are mostly face, no necks, great wodgy huge hands like they are holding a tennis ball, very long torsos, and short limbs.

      Sweet little Mary has enormous eyes, a normal-for-bjd's proportion of face to head, which is egg shaped as near as I can tell, slightly short limbs, well shaped little hands, and feet good enough to stand on.

      Are you perhaps looking at the new small Dollshe dolls?
      They more resemble cabbage patch kids though not in any fine detail.
      I think dressing them in ruffly lace was a mistake, because they're much cuter in the naked body shots on eluts.

      Ann in CT
    7. I really don't know why she reminds me of one *shrugs* It just kind of popped into my head for some reason. I'm odd like that lol. I was looking at the picture posted above too.
    8. I can actually see where she's coming from. I think maybe it's her cherubic and chubby, smiling face (relative to larger BJDs), and her kind of baby-fat "pudginess" (again, as opposed to larger, more mature BJD sculpts) that have a faint "resonance" to the Cabbage Patch dolls of old. I had a cabbage Patch Kid when I was in grade school, and Mary's face does actually remind me of hers--not anything *specific* you can put your finger on, but the vague resemblance is there.