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New pictures of white skinned hound (DM)

Oct 12, 2005

    1. They have new pictures up ~ Dunno if anyone has seen them yet so thought I would post


      They made him look very sweet and contemplative here. Either that or he is feigning innocence whilst secretly planning world domination. You never know with these Hounds
    2. What a sexy bum.
    3. Always! And the blushing is so lovely XD
    4. In the photos the normal skin looks paler than the white skin.
      I wonder what they look like compared to each other in person *_*
    5. I agree with this, I've yet to see a picture of the white skinned hound that looks more pale than the normal skinned hound XD
    6. He looks like he's contemplating if he should put pants on or not.
    7. White Hound - "Why oh why am I not wearing trousers?.. hrm... and why oh why am I not paler than my 'Normal skinned' brother?.... Hrmmm... Does my bum look big in this?"
    9. *laughing right along with Cacau*

      I would REALLY like to see a White Hound in person, or at least photographed next to a 'regular' Hound . . . we'll just have to wait for somebody to get one!!

      -- A :>
    10. picture 2: GENDOWNED.

      I don't even want to know what whiteskin looks like. Jacques is normalskin and he always like..GLOWS when I take photos, its a bitch :'D (still trying to get that pale pale skin photography down.)
    11. I've got a white skinned Hound on Layaway, and two friends with normal skin Hounds...so as soon as we get comparison pics, I'll be sure to share! I agree though, he doesn't look that much whiter in pictures. There was a white skinned Hound up on ebay a little while back that looked pretty pale though.

    12. Well, Hound looks as gorgeous as ever!
      And right now I am very confused, which one do I like better!?! *_*
      They are both too good to be true!!! lol
    13. even my mom thinks hound is pretty ^_^
    14. :? he kind of looks the same as normal-skinned Hound.. man, i want comparison pics.. :/ still a hottie.. *__*

      edit: comparison. white one looks yellower.. normal looks pinker.. oooh.

    15. Boy, the difference between the two is so slight.

      Hound regular is the palest regular skinned doll I have ever seen. He already looks almost white.

      I too would love to see a white skin in person to compare, it's hard to imagine really.
    16. I second the statement about seeing a normal and a white together.

      The pictures are just too inconclusive to tell any sort of real difference betwixt the two. All I can think of is that maybe the White Hound would be less 'healthy' looking.