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New PIPOS Doll - Curo (Bunny) Discussion

Jun 9, 2007

    1. Look how cute this little guy is!!!!


      You can find him on DollnDoll here:

      I love the joined ears so much. It's just the cutest thing!

      I hope PIPOS makes a puppy next!

      Ahh, too many cute things early in the morning. ;)
      - Megan
    2. I'd buy one instantly if they did a Fox... the rabbit's cute... but doesn't grab me like the kitty.
    3. Adorable. I second the motion for a fox. But a bunny is really tempting too.
      It looks so... edibubbliciously sweet :D

      Pipos has done it again.

      I still kind of prefer the cat though, I think. GAH I PREFER HAVING ALL XD
    4. The face is so cute! I think I would remove the ears and turn him into a hamster though ^^
    5. Lol. If you do, I'd love to buy the ears of you and make my joong (if/when i get her) into a viera! xD

      It'd be great to do a whole bunch of these as the cast of watership down though :D That was a lovely book.

      [EDIT] OMG THOSE EARS ARE JOINTED, AREN'T THEY?!!?!?!?! That is the cutest thing ever! *has completely changed his mind about them* They are amazing :D I hope they are. They sure do look it. They shouldn't look like that if they aren't! [/EDIT]
    6. DEAR GOD! Must have! *Melts*
    7. I want one!! I love rabbits and with this outfit is so cute!
    8. Oh please somebody kill me, that is insane! So cute!
    9. So adorable! :D *can't resist now*
    10. So cute, but I wish the ears were farther apart. I love te face though, more then I like the kitty.
    11. :D SOOO CUTE!!! (Does it have a tail?) Adorable! Yeah I hope they do make other animals like a fox. Or a puppy. And pink elephants:whee:
    12. :D BUNNY! eeeeee i want one!!! i wish they had a lamb too....then life would be perfect ^__^
    13. That thing scares me a little. It's very eerie..
    14. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

      they try to keeeeel me! :D :D :D
    15. SO adorable. I think I'm going to die of cuteness! :aheartbea
    16. must have bunny...must have bunny...
    17. Wow! Yesterday I showed a pic of a Baha to a friend and we agreed that they should do a bunny-then today, the shock, the wonderment, the glorious cuteness!

      I wasn't sure about the ears at first they looked a little awquard like flower petal or sporks lol, but I'm really taken with them now I've seen more pics. If I get one I may call it Spork. :D
      I'm thinking a Baha and a Curo would be uber cute.
    18. If they made a pink bunny I think I will just shoot myself. As it is if they sell that full set I'm doomed.
    19. Oh my goodness! :D I'm not the kind of person who likes bunnies but...
      This just melted my heart :3
      I hope they make a Fox one :/ They're my favorite animal...
    20. Arrrghhhhh.... pink bunny please, pink!!!!

      I could resist the kitty but .....