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New Pipos doll - fennec fox

Dec 26, 2007

    1. Me too! Ahhhhh, it looks so adorable - but I'm already waiting on a tiny DZ fox. ;o; I HAVE THE WORST TIMING EVER. XD I can't wait to see more pics!
    2. I'm very eager to see it! My artist friend, who loves my dolls, also loves foxes. I was sadly unimpressed by the DZ fox, though I really, really wanted to like him. I hope this one comes out better <quivers impatiently>.
    3. I just got the DZ Fox as well, now, my luck, the Pipos Fox will be cuter. :( Darn it!
    4. I am really excited to see this one... but so sad at the same time. No dolls for me this coming year. :(
      Hopefuly he will be like the Bahas and not be limited. So maybe eventualy I can get a little Kitsune. :)
    5. This is great! Can't wait to see him! That tail looks like it would be great on the Cat too!
    6. i hope that they have really HUGE ears, im a sucker for huge ears <333
      i hope they sell it as faceplates too, im not perticularly intrested in the tail, i can put it on my Baha body
    7. I'm in trouble. Haha @___@ Fennec Foxes are one of my fave animals.
    8. Oh, this could be so wonderful! I've loved fennec foxes ever since I was a little girl and found a story about them once when I was sick. I must have read it ten times.

      I can't wait.
    9. Interesting that the next character would be a Fox.. but since I adore my Baha, will be very tempted by the fox.. maybe I will name him Scott Bao
    10. Oh darn... darn I love foxes... I have DZ fox... I might crack and get one
    11. ooooohhh... i was in enough trouble trying to avoid temptation by the cats and the rabbit and the dz fox and the cute little piggie... but fox could be the one that totally dooms me! aaaagh... *_*
    12. snicker chuckle
    13. Im very interested to see how this fox turns out, I have been swaying towards the dz fox maybe I will wait.
    14. I can't wait to see how this little one turns out, I have the grumpy littel dz fox, which I adore, so hopefully this one will be just as cute, I am hopeing there is also a no tail option, I would think clothes would be difficult with the tail.
    15. Pipos has to start making new clothes to account for the new tailed dolls. I ordered 2 tails - I'd have thought it would be easy to pull the tail out, and hook on the second tail, but the second didn't come with an s-hook..
    16. oh yeay! i love fennecs! their huge radar dish ears are amazing! i hope this fox is one i can love... the dz one's ears didn't give me the loving feeling :)
    17. Ou, fennec? Fennecs even more cute than usual foxes!
      I wonder if Pipos would make fennecs in various colours like they did with cats and rabbits. Can't wait to see!
    18. FOX! I love foxes. I hope Bao is not limited. I can't buy another doll for at least 6 months.
    19. *wriggles* eeeee so much love for teh ickle fennecs! The silhouette looks great, I'm looking forward to seeing how the facial expression comes out.