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New PIPOS Doll MSD Head - "budle" @ DollnDoll

Nov 30, 2006

    1. [​IMG]

      They're selling just the head, with no face-up and it's said to have been "manufactured according to Volks company's MSD size body."

      It's available HERE @ dollndoll.
    2. Beautiful! Does anyone know if this head would work on a DoD Bee-A body?
    3. It's said he'll work on Volks MSD bodies, and the resin match on that is pretty perfect from the pictures, so unless DoD resin matches Volks resin, there would be some resin difference. Other than that, I think the fit would be fine.
    4. I asked Dollndoll which resin color would match and if PIPOS intended on making a body for Budle and they answered really quickly:

      Dear Lochness
      hello .
      [budle] manufactured according to Volks' MSD size body.
      However, difference of color can be.
      [budle] is nomal skin.
      And, forward, is going to manufacture body for [budle] in PIPOS doll.
      Thank you .

      From what I can get, we can't be sure the color of a NS Volks MSD body would fit with the head, but it doesn't matter, 'cause PIPOS will release their own body in the future. Yay~!