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New Pipos doll

Jan 22, 2009

    1. sorry if there is already a post ^^; please feel free to delete this.

      Looks as if there's a new Pipos doll. and I think Im doomed if its what I think it is ^^;


    2. I'm flat out doomed. any idea when he might be available?
    3. If you wait they show the full face:
    4. There's a notice that says they're starting a new story in February. I'm guessing little the little cheshire demon will be part of that.
    5. Info on the new release(es):

      Also, they're changing servers, so there might be some downtime:

      Not to mention that they're also celebrating the Lunar New Year From Jan/24th/2009(sat.) ~ Jan./27th/2009(tue.).

      So we'll just have to wait until February :D
    6. Oh, NO.

      I'm TOAST. XD'

      Anyway. What size is he, I wonder? Baha-sized or Ringo-sized?
    7. Hey guys, I made a discussion thread for this article.
      click here!
    8. Pipos has updated the image on the website (uploaded to my own flickr):
    9. They've updated with more pictures of the cats (including a new orange tabby), a non-anthro 'Alice' head and two rabbits :) It says they'll all be released on the fourth for this month along with some basic versions.

    10. Any word if they will have blank, non-limited versions of the cheshire cat?
    11. According to their releasing schedule they do have plans for release of both a basic cheshire and dali
    12. And pipos plannig to produce a body for alice head?
    13. No Alice is only a head limited to 20... I have asked which body her normal skin could be matched to and they didn't reply.
    14. Are the Beast Hands going to be sold as parts in the future or are they limited to the cheshire cats?
    15. For others who may be confused based on the product listing, I did ask about the ordering time frame about the Basic Cheshire and Dali on the Q&A. They replied with the following:

      So the "4th-11th" listing on the Basic dolls is just for the free chess piece event. The dolls will still be available after that.