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New Pipos PO-11 Cats!

May 12, 2010

    1. I am very interested in the female one but I hope I can order her without high-heeled feet.
    2. Oh my god. As a huge pipos fan this is some news for me. They look cool, but I'm a bit weirded out and reluctant to venture from their usual cutesy, paws and tail style. But I'm dying to see more.
    3. I think they are wonderful! It's exactly what I wanted for a long time in this size!
    4. Okaaaay, this is kinda weird. *____*

      ...Alright, thinking about how awesome they'll look with clothes on, I guess I could get used to them? ://// I need more pictures haha.

      I will be all over this if they make a bunny, though.
    5. I would like one I think... I would like a better shot of their faces though
    6. Oh, wow!!!
      I definitely will be keeping an eye on these. They are screaming DO WANT at me already!

      Wait.. no torso joint!? Why must all the anthros I fall for not have a torso joint?
      Darn... well... these just might be cute enough for me to ignore their immobility... maybe.
      I hope we see more of them soon.
    7. Cute. <3 The extra step of anthropomorphizing beyond the usual is a little weird, but I will withold that judgment formally until more pictures come out. >.> <.<
    8. >-> So far no good. I'm not big on anthros anyhow, but I do want one of their cheshires, mostly because they are mostly animal and not too much human. Those are pretty much human bodies with animal heads on top and that's when they cease to be cute cuddly anthros and start to edge into furries and I'm so not going there. ><
    9. I love Pipos head sculpts.

      I also like mature tinies better than chubby ones, and these are pretty cool in my book. Especially the girl. Wonder when they'll release more pictures?
    10. I still have to get me a Pipos Bao and then they come out with this! Aw man, I love cats! I totally am curious as to what their tails will look like.

      However, I'm not so sure about those ginormous chests! They've got the bodies of tiny little supermodels! Which is... kinda strange.
    11. Does anyone have an idea of what size they are? You have to be a member to see the measurement pages on the Pipos site. Being a PO11, they should be approximately the same size as the regular dolls.
    12. OMIGOSH BUNNIES WOULD BE FABULOUS!!!! I doubt very much that Pipos would not make bunnies though, it just a matter of time!
      I hope they aren't limited. I've never wanted an anthro more than I do now!
      Love the ears on these little guys:D
    13. I LOVE the faces on them ^^ And I think they would be adorable clothed- he'd make a great Baron!
    14. I love people with rabbit heads haha. <3 But even if they did make them I think I'd still want Curo more!
    15. I'm not too keen on these really.. In my opinion they look like too much human for me. :/
    16. My inner .hack fangirl is demanding I make one of these into Mia.
      I can't wait to see more pics. XD
    17. Oh, I really like them, but for a buying decision I have to see more of their face.
    18. hahaha, not for me, but i know a few people who will be falling over themselves for these more mature body sculpts ...