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New Pixydoll head DINO & Limited Ver. SEVY

Jun 17, 2008

    1. YUNA will be releasing a new head DINO
      and here's another chance for those who missed out on SEVY!
    2. How long is the order period for Dino? And is he $148 as well? I couldn't find it on the site.
    3. That doesn't look like my SEVY... is it a different version or is it just the angle? (My SEVY has fully open eyes).
    4. The Sevy is a version limited to 20 heads total, not an actual rerelease of the original Sevy. Dino is not a limited head and he'll be for sale for seven days starting on June 20th. The ordering period for both heads is the same, but I expect the Sevy will probably sell out on the first day, judging by how many people have expressed an interest in him in the past. Unless the comparative ease of getting her Crobidoll Lance head has diverted a lot of those people. :)