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New Pocket Fairies

Nov 2, 2004

    1. I hope I'm not double-posting on this topic :oops:

      According to Blue Fairy's Japanese site, the Japanese site will update on Nov. 5th Japan time with the following:

      - The Re-release of Choco (with new wig)
      - New Pocket Fairy Shuu
      - New Pocket Fairy Peter

      They might be up on the Korean site by now... I don't know what order the various sites update in. :)
    2. Thanks for the news! I don't see anything on the Korean site or the Cyworld club yet, but hopefully soon!
    3. Well, the new Pocket Fairies are up on the Japanese site... and are ALREADY listed as sold out, despite their new system of limiting how many Pocket Fairies each customer can buy.


      Chou (pronounced Shuu or Shoe) is the white-haired smiling one, and is a girl.

      Peter is the sassy smiling boy with the delta hazel eyes.

      Choco's new default wig is a poufy fur wig, similar to Crysania/Cassiel's Punk style.

      Now, to wait for their arrival on US shores...
    4. rawwgg! SO CUTE but so expensive! ::scratches of lotto ticket::
    5. Those pocket fairy are soo really cute! But I agree..are very expensive...maybe a bit too much considering they' re very small too :cry:
    6. <-- was just about to post about this :chibi
      They're so cute - but they cost more than my DoD Zen. :|