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Contest ~*New Puki Puki Christmas/Winter Contest!!*~ Fairyland

Nov 17, 2008

    1. [​IMG]

      Another puki contest?
      Yes another one :)
      Doll company Fairyland was enthusiastic about a new contest and is again sponsoring with the grand prize of a basic Puki Puki doll

      I am taking over the tasks of organising this contest for Wee_Little_Faerie, who organized the previous contest.

      Okay so here comes the information :D


      The contest will be yet again about photographing your Puki Puki doll from Fairyland. Your task is to send us the most adorable, funny, cute or misschievous photo of your Puki doll(s).
      The winning photo will be selected by voting. There will be several prizes available. Keep an eye on this thread ;)

      Your theme:
      Christmas, or anything related to Christmas. Think of Santa, his elf servants, Rudolph, snow, christmas trees etc.

      Max sizes of your photo:
      - Max width = 600 pixels
      - Max Height = 600 pixels
      (So for landscape you get a scale like 450px length x 600px width, and for portrait vice versa)

      Read them carefully before submitting your photo to this contest. I need to be very strict about them ^^
      If you submit a photo, you automatically agree to these rules.
      • Only 1 photo is allowed. So pick out your best photo carefully.
      • NO other kind of dolls are allowed in your photograph. It must be a Puki Puki from Fairyland only.
      • Of course more Puki Puki dolls in one photo are allowed
      • The photo needs to be taken by yourself.
      • Attributes for your Puki, or little statues or other props are of course allowed. But again, no other BJD's
      • Please keep yourself to the theme. So only Christmas related photos are allowed, and no (for example) Samhain pics or other kinds of celebrations/holidays.
      • After the deadline for submitting photos has ended I will not take any more submissions. Even if you have a very good excuse. I cannot do this. It would not be fair to the other competitors.
      • It is allowed to submit a photograph of a Puki Puki doll from a friend if you don't have a Puki Puki of your own. BUT!! (and this is important), I need to have a written permission of this friend personally (you can email or pm me about it). AND this doll is only allowed once to compete with the contest.
      • The use of photoshop is allowed to some limit. You are allowed to create some border or change/brighten colours a bit. But it is not allowed to go over the top by adding all kinds of effects, decorations, text, text balloons and more to it. It would not be fair to other competitors who are not known with this photo-editing program.

      There will be multiple prizes available.
      The grand prize is a basic Puki Puki of your own choice, donated by Fairyland.
      The other prizes for the honorable mentions will be posted in the second post of this entry soon. I am sorting out some of them still, so when there is more news I will keep you updated ^^


      You can submit your photo until december 14th.

      Voting will start from December 16th to December 24th. (by that time I will post some instructions and of course the submissions).

      Results will be shown December 28th after the holidays. I might not have time to do it earlier (if I do I will post earlier).

      Send me an email with your photograph.
      My email address: pukipukicontest@gmail.com
      Please don't send me pm's with the photos and such, because then things might get mixed up :)

      Information you should put into this email:
      • Subject of your email: "submission for Puki Puki contest"
      • Your photo (hehe :B )
      • Title of your photo and/or name of the doll
      • your DOA username
      • Your real name + address
      • Possible information when you have permission to use a photo you took of a friend's doll.

      Oww and before I forget, I have one more rule:
      Make sure you have fun!!! ;)

      If you have anymore questions, please leave them in this thread and I will answer them ^^


      Kind Regards,
    2. Thanks for moving Zagzagael.

      Here is an update with the prizes for this contest.


      Grand Prize:
      A basic Puki Puki of your own choice, donated by Fairyland

      Honorable mentions #1
      • 1 Surprise Outfit for Puki Puki will be made by Spampy
      • and 2 Surprise Winter outfits byAnneke.
      • 2 more outfits ( kimono and pyamas outfit) will be donated by Studio JF
      • 1 lovely puki dress will be made by Prettybird
      • 1 Playful Puki Christmas Edition hat and scarf set - donated by Briknits
      • And last but not least, 2 cute puki dresses donated by Genie Stallings

      We will keep them a surprise for the winners. Every winner of these mentions will get one outfit :)
      These will be given out randomly

      Honorable mentions #2
      3 Mohair wigs for Puki Puki are provided by Sat. Given out randomly.
      The colour will be a surprise

      Honorable mentions #3
      3 tiny handmade Cotton Candy Plushes will be donated by True Crimson

      a Cute handmade needle felted toy for Puki Puki will be donated by SproutsMom

      They are all given out randomly, and it will be a bit of a surprise what you will get ;)

      I want to thank these people so much again for their enthusiasm and donations for this contest!!
    3. A small update on the prizes.
      Studio JF has been very kind to donate some Puki Puki outfits as well.
      I just updated the prizes post about it ;)
      She makes some gorgeous clothing for Puki Pukis. Check it out ^^

      In the meantime I am receiving the most cutest and sweetest entries for the contest.
      Keep on sending the good stuff!!
      I am currently placing them in an html webpage for you so people can vote easier when the deadline of the submissions has ended.

      Good luck to everyone who is still in the progress of searching for their best photo to send. :D
    4. Yay for another donation!!!
      Prettybird is also going to donate a lovely puki dress for girls!!
      Check out her stuff!

      In the meantime I have received some more cool entries for the contest. I am curious for more entries ^___^

      Sends every puki owner who wants to compete some creative vibes.
    5. Yep another update.

      We have another sweet person donating for the puki contest.
      Some of you already know her; Genie Stalling .

      She will donate some of her colour,-l and cheerful puki dresses.

      Thanks so much Genie! :aheartbea
    6. Hello there! Busy busy busy ^^
      The deadline of the contest is drawing near. :D

      I am receiving a lot of really gorgeous entries in my mailbox. It's quite exciting. Just now I am working on listing them. Some of you had an email back from me because of some issues with their submissions. Hope to hear from you soon.

      Other news:
      The last donation to this contest ;)
      Briknits was so kind to donate a Playful Puki Christmas Edition hat and scarf set!!
      Check out her stuff, it's really neat ^^

      Keep sending me the lovely photos ;)
      See you all later.
    7. Hi everybody,

      I am working on the big list. Last minute I got a little more then 50 new submissions :D
      so it might take a little longer to set up the voting page. But it will be there, don't worry.
      I will also reply to your emails when you submitted a photo. Didn't get to it yet

      I will let you guys know where and when the voting will start.
      Probably wednesday due to time trouble.

      Thanks for your understanding ;)


    8. I didn't get any replay yet and I've submitted my pic a wihile ago.
    9. I sent in my pic on the 13th and never recieved a reply either :/
    10. Sorry but this thread is not meant for chatting.
      But please read my comments carefully

      So you will receive an email, but you need a bit more patience since I got a bit overwhelmed by the last minute submissions. But this was also explained earlier.


      Edit: Here, you can discuss things and ask questions ;)
    11. Yay all submissions are up and running.
      People can now vote for their favourite photo.

      Watch them all HERE in the DOA discussion thread, or HERE in their very own gallery! ^^
      Both links give you information about voting.
      If there are any questions, please let me know.

      Thanks for your patience!
      By now everybody who submitted a photo and didn't get a confirmation email by me should have gotten one by now.
      There are 98 submission!! :D
      Good luck everyone!


    12. Hello,

      I received an pm of one of the competitors who didn't get in the contest.
      Somehow I never received her submission.

      Since I think she deserves a fair chance too, re-voting is possible.
      Check out submission #99 in this thread or in the Public Gallery ;)
      If you have already voted, but would like to vote again, please put the title 'NEW VOTE", and the submission you vote for in the title of the email you send to me.
      This counts for everyone who already voted.

      Thanks in advance.

      :goldstarKind Regards,:goldstar

    13. Update :D

      I just counted the votes and the results are known. I will post them tonight!! ^^
      I hope you all had a great Christmas :D
      See you in a bit.