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New Pukipuki Full Packages, Bashinah Fellowship

Mar 28, 2008

    1. Dear customers,

      It is our pleasure to introduce new Pukipuki Full Packages, 'Bashinah Fellowship'.
      We have been working on them for some time, and now they are finally available.


      The story of 'Bashinah Fellowship' has been updated at [Introduding Pukipuki] gallery, along with more photos.

      Due to difficulties with manufacturing the outfits, only limited number of the products are available at this time.

      pukisha Full Package (Al Hikmat Hidayah) - 30 sets
      pukisha Full Package (Basilah Amir) - 30 sets
      pukisha Full Package (Hawra Hafa) - 30 sets
      Bashinah Fellowship (combined set of all three Full Packages) - 15 sets

      The outfits will become available slowly, but even then it will be only about 20% of what is available now.*

      Once the prepared number of Full Packages are sold out, they will not be available again for a while. It is planned to become restocked after August.**

      Thank you.

      * 20% restock is referring to the maximum amount of additional Full Packages that can become available in current round of sales.

      ** August Restock has not been decided for sure, and will depend on factors such as the customers' demand.

      FairyLand Shopping Mall http://dollfairyland.com
    2. Will the shoes be sold separately at a later date, or are they just possible to get through these fullsets?

      And will the victory hands set be sold separately any time soon?
    3. I ordered a Basilah Amir fullset but in the pictures he looks like he is tan skin and when you buy him if gives you the option for normal or white skin. I am a little confuse.



    4. Does Amir come with the sword also? Yes i agree he looks slightly darker resin almost tan? So is it just normal but the photos captured it darker somehow?

      Will the optional magic hands on the arabian girl be offered separately and also the curled up arabian shoes (optional feet)

      Are all three faces the same mold and the same as the older cat face? so the scar face with the little teeth is not a new mold its just painted on teeth?
    5. I am interested in Hawra Hafa (love the new hands!), but I would *desperately* want her to have the curled-toe shoes -- I'd also be interested in buying them as an option item!

      -- A <3
    6. - At this stage FairyLand is not sure whether the shoes, string instrument, optional hands etc will become available separately.

      - Hwara Hafa does not come with the shoe items (just bare feet parts only). However, a string instrument item is included in the package.

      - Basilah Amir (ie. pukisha scar face) has fangs on the faceplate. No fangs on sleeping pukisha scar face though.

      - Basilah Amir's optional right hand is clenching a sword.
      Also, he is not tanned skin (just natural skin tone with dark lightings).

      - Hikmat and Hwara have "normal" pukisha transformation faceplate.

      - There are no plans to release the outfits separately due to difficulties in manufacturing many outfits.
    7. Does Amir come with the sword?
    8. - Basilah Amir's optional right hand is clenching a sword - ie. the sword is part of the right hand.

      - Purchasing additional parts (shoes, optional hands etc) with the Full Package is not possible as the number of items available are limited.

      - Wigs are NOT likely to become available separately.

      - Basilah and Hikmat have bare feet parts as components of the default body.
    9. So the only way to get the shoes is to buy the doll and the shoes will not be offered separately in the future? is this a for sure thing?

      or is that still unsure? I guess the shoes must be hard to cast ......
    10. Hi!! :)

      So will there be other new faces if one does not want the cute kitty faces?
    11. From the first post:
      From a later post:
      Which one is correct? I really love those outfits and shoes.
    12. Liria -- the shoe parts are one of the most charming aspects of this set -- would FairyLand be willing to reconsider offering the shoes with Hawra Hafa? (I bought her yesterday, but I'm very sad that the boys both come with the shoes, and she doesn't -- I'd rather have the shoe parts than another set of Lucky Punch hands or Pukisha feet.)

      I understand that you may not be offering them as a standard extra item, but it would be very nice to offer them as an option to people who buy the Hawra Hafa fullset, at least.


      -- Andi :kitty2
    13. - FL is not sure whether or not the magic items and optional parts will become available separately. Nothing is certain at this stage - if they do become available it will be sometime after the victory hands and winking faceplates sales (which were planned to be in April but have been pushed back.. not sure when they will be available).

      - The outfits are not likely to become available separately.
      That 20% statement is probably referring to the Full Package restocks, not the outfits... I'll confirm it with Korean admin and rewrite the sentence.

      - Ashbet, I'll pass the message on but I'm not sure that the answer will be positive. Apparently Hwara Hafa has been designed as bare-feet character and the string instrument that comes with her is quite costly. Also it seems like the number of parts available are also limited. But I can see that the shoes are extremely popular so I'll try my best at explaining the demand.
    14. - 20% restock is referring to the maximum amount of additional Full Packages that can become available in current round of sales.

      - August Restock has not been decided for sure, and will depend on factors such as the customers' demand.

      - Outfit sale will depend on the complexity of mass manufacturing. In the worst case scenario, they may not become available at all (like Piki Strider's outfit).

      - It is not possible to change the content of the Full Package (meaning Hwara Hafa plus shoes), but the optional parts and Magic Items will become available separate sale.
      The items from current Full Package series will become ready after the previous Magic Items (ie. victory hands, winking faceplates) become available. The dates are not confirmed at this stage.
    15. So Hwara hands will be come available in the future? I like many love her hands allot.

      I want them for my three puki who want to meditate together but aren't able to due to not having the mudra hands LOL...
    16. Are there any pictures of the pukisha scar face? I mean uncovered by the eye-patch. Is it actually a scar over his eye or is there a normal eye hole?
    17. I have a question... will the mount they are riding be available? It is really cute with the saddle and reins!
    18. In the second picture, he lifts up his eye patch so you can see the scar.