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=> NEW question about "Unoa Second" <=

Oct 16, 2006

    1. I have some questions about them ^_^...

      => A new question: <=

      - What type of non ABJD clothing can they wear? Baby Bratz big, Bratz? My Scene Barbie?? Anything else?


      - I would like to know how practical their hip joints are...I mean they are like Barbiehips but Barbie can't move her legs sideways, so can the Unoa second girls move their legs sideways or twist their legs, or not?

      - Does anyone know when Araki has his own pre-order for them and not through "Dollybird" or some other magazine?

      - Also the new faces for them [with the slightly open lips] will they be available through their next pre-order? And will their also be an option for different lower legs with ankle joints??

      - Compared with the other Unoa Q girls and boys, how slim/tiny/detailed are they?

      - And how is the resin quality? It seems to shine a lot more than the other Unoa Q dolls >_>

      I hope someone can answer them for me cause I would really like to know ^_^

      Thank you~!

    2. Although I think the new girls are beautifull I do think Araki-sama put more patience and luv into the regular Unoa's.

      You can find pictures by Megu-chan that show how the doll is assmbled:
    3. i will try to answer with what i know or speculate...

      no one knows, he probably will have a pre-order for them eventually though, but it might be a long time

      i think the open mouth face is a dollybird exclusive, but i'm not positive. right now there isn't an option for different lower legs, i would guess there probably isn't going to be.

      they are a little slimmer and shorter than regular unoa, and their heads are a bit smaller. they are just as detailed. the regular unoa have a shiney more plasticy resin that most other dolls. here is a link to pictures of them posed together http://unyadiary.blog5.fc2.com/blog-entry-419.html#more

      edit: fixed the link
    4. Thanks everyone ^_^
      I'm pretty sure I'll try and pre-order them both when the time comes!! :aheartbea

    5. Lol, I've been stalking for info on these new girls because they are so gorgeous. Hopefully I can be of a little help.

      - I would like to know how practical their hip joints are...I mean they are like Barbiehips but Barbie can't move her legs sideways, so can the Unoa second girls move their legs sideways or twist their legs, or not?

      They seem to be able to move their legs sideways to a degree. This thread has links to some of the earlier pictures of them --> http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=58841

      The pictures are for... more mature viewers, but they do clearly show Milk with her legs spread. But these pictures were taken earlier, and Araki-sensei might have made changes to their posing system since. To Unoa 2nd owners, can they pose their legs split as shown in the pictures?
    6. I found a great site that had pics of the Unoa 2nd's standing next to 1.0 and 1.5 There doesn't seem to be a direct link to the actual page but it is somewhere on there http://awonori.net/index.html

    7. I bought a Mocha from YJ last weekend. As soon as she's home, I'll take lots of pix in different poses and post a link here. She comes with extra face and shoe kits.

      From the pictures in the Gallery and Marketplace, it doesn't look as though her legs are ball-joint flexible.

      I'm just excited to have a girl painted by Araki-san! She looks like a very modern, expensive version of one of his sexy sculptures or garage kits.

    8. Whhaaaa~! COOL!! I paid for my Dollybird Special Cream this morning and will pay for me DB special Mocha in a week or 2~!!! YATTA~!! *jumps around*
      But they'll arrive around December I think =w= *pouts in a corner*

      Can't wait to see her! :aheartbea
    9. Sabriell - that's so cool! Play date? :lol:

    10. Does anyone know their eye and wig sizes?
    11. one of the other DOA members said 5-6 wigs fit well, but 4-5 are too small.

      I have 10 and 12 size eyes, so I'm hoping one of the pairs is right for her. guess it depends on whether you like large anime eyes or smaller more realistic ones.

      by this time next week, I'll know for sure. :)

    12. ^ Their default eyes are 10mm ^_^
    13. I am lucky enough to have Mocha with me now. She is a bit more shiny, (that could be remedied with some flat sealant because her face was done by Araki and sealed with a flat finish so her face is not shiny.

      Her legs do not twist to the degree that the Unoa 1.0 and 1.5 girls do, but they do allow for some interesting sexy poses. Her legs are super long and since I love long legs I am estatic. Overall she has a slimmer body, but this girl can easily fit the Tyler, Gene, and other 16" fashion doll clothing.
      The fantastic news is that I asked Mio if she will be designing for these two new girls. She replied that she will be buying one of each in the preorder and WILL be making clothing especially for them. :) Yay!!!!

      Wig size seems to be 5-6, but I want to put one thing out right away. For shoes Tyler do NOT fit. I have a 22" American Model and her shoes fit way better. Must be the arch in the foot, and they look good lengthwise. Also the cheap plastic high heel doll shoes fit her arch well too and they aren't overlly long on the foot. She stands well in them. I love shoes for under $5 that look good.

      Quality is just as good as the other Unoas, resin color is much better than many of the tan dolls I have seen. Seam lines are hard to see, but that may be due to the fact the molds are so new.

      Overall I love all the Unoas, but the beauty and absolute celebration of the female body in this girl from Araki is superb. I don't want to spam this area with photos so I will link to the gallery.

    14. Saranilla,

      thanks for all the info, especially on shoes, I don't have tyler shoes so I couldn't tell if they would fit, but I did try Mattel's bestfriend cynthia's shoes and they will. Its nice to know that 22" doll shoes will fit also.

      I am so excited to hear that Mio will create fashions for Unoa 2 someday soon, I can't wait to see those gorgeous outfits:) I hope more people who own a Unoa 2 will posts more pics too. hugs, gg
    15. Woot! I've just won a Mocha on ebay and I'm soooo excited! :) I'll post tons of pics once she arrives. Does anyone know their measurements yet? I want to start altering my sewing patterns to fit her now. Thanks,

      Lindsay :daisy
    16. Just and update! You have to read Araki-san Diary on his website. There's a pic of Milk looking a lot like Lusis, something about Hobby Japan version next month. Sorry, translator not that great! Hope someone could translate this better:) hugs, gg

      Lindsayscorner-congrats on your girl, can't wait to see pics:)
    17. I'm pretty sure that that is the Dollybird special head ^_^

    18. I'm pretty sure they are too big for all of those clothing since my scene clothing fits on my tiny.
    19. I heard that Baby Bratz fits Unoa AND MNF, just want to know if it was BB big or just Baby Bratz