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New Rainy Standard Eun-A

Jan 11, 2011

    1. Does anyone know the difference between the EU EUN-A and the Rainy EUN-A, other than price?
    2. According to this page, the special reduced price is for EU Elfdolls Unlimited members and "The offer is available until 15th of February 2011".

      Please contact Elfdollshop.com directly for additional information.
    3. Only the members of the EU yahoogroup that put their names on the list are eligible for the special price. That is the list of names that is shown on the Eu-Ean webpage on the Elfdoll website.
    4. To clarify, the discount is being extended to members of the Elfdoll Unlimited Yahoo group who pre-registered. The discount list is now closed. However, Eun-a at the regular price is available to everyone, and you do not have to be a member of the Yahoo group to purchase her at the regular price.
    5. is there a discussion group for Eun-a yet? or can I start one? I would like to be able to chat about her, and I can't find it.
    6. It appears there isn't a discussion thread yet, specifically for this doll.
      If you've done a search and no discussion thread is found, go ahead and start one in the appropriate doll size subforum, no need to ask.
      Don't forget to post the link here in News so everyone may join the fun.