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Nov 30, 2008

    1. hi!~~
      We release New doll-Arael.
      We hope lots of your interest.
      Thank you!




      Height(Including head) 67cm
      Girth of neck 11cm
      Girth of Head 23cm (9inch)
      Girth of chest 31cm
      Girth of waist 23.5cm
      Girth of hip 28m
      Girth of wrist 7.2cm
      Right handbreadth 4cm
      Left handbreadth 4cm
      Width of shoulder include arm 16cm
      Length from shoulder to elbow 10.5cm
      Length from elbow to wrist 10.5cm
      Girth of ankle 9.5cm
      Girth of knee 14cm
      Length from navel to knee 21cm
      Length from knee to sole of the foot 21cm
      Width of shoulder include arm 16cm
    2. I think it's worth to mention that
      Raurencio Studio's body is also available for purchase now.
      As I know, their body resin match with Unidoll Real. I have a Baal and he's more like to Pale color.
      The body is for $400 each.
    3. You can order two types of make up.

    4. hi! everyone.
      we discount arael 20%.
      thank you!:)
    5. I Have A Problem
      Smoky Make Up,the Nosering Is Stick On It???
    6. How long will the discount be offered?
    7. hello everyone!

      We lower the price because high exchange rate of the dollar.

      We might sell regular price.

      We lower the price only 1 month.
      Thank you.