ReRelease [New] Re-release of Special Harmony Gloomy Roselyn, Secret Roselyn and free new product in full doll

Jun 24, 2020

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      Hello, this is Little Monica.

      Today Gloomy Roselyn and Secret Roselyn, custom version of Roselyn are released in new appearance.

      Gloomy Roselyn and Secret Roselyn are limited product on certain period as following, and head part only can be purchased.

      Limited period: 16:00(KST) 24 June 2020 – 18:00(KST) 27 July 2020

      Along with the release of special products, the wig in new design named ‘Ice Cut’ is released.

      We will provide newly released wig and Harmony girl fist parts to customer
      who purchases these special full doll products.
      (Customer who choose Grace girl body and Boy G body will also get Harmony girl fist part).

      Color of freely given Harmony girl fist part will be matched to the skin color of full doll ordered.

      Thanks a lot.
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      Hello, this is Little Monica.

      Offical image of Basic Harmony ‘Audrey’ released in 2009 has been in renewal.
      (But there is no change in the original of Audrey head).

      These has both A and B type in cute, lovely image.
      We look forward to have your love and interest for this.

      Also, imited outfit, ‘Baby Sweet dream’ is also going to be sold today along with the renewal of official image for Audrey.

      This outfit has been in collaboration with R.Y Production. You can order this with Audrey. The outfit only can also be ordered.

      Please note this outfit is just limited one in certain period along with the renewal of official image for Audrey.
      This can be compatible to Honey Harmony body.

      - Limited period: 16:00 24 June 2020 – 18:00(KST) 08 July 2020

      This collaboration outfit should be ordered in advance, and would take 60~70 days in manufacturing,
      similar to that of limited products.

      This has been made by a lot of handwork to get wonderful beauty.
      We look forward to have your interest and love for this.

      Thank you.

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